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  1. red dune

    A Ma Maniere Jordan 12 March 2023

    Does anyone know if they are still raffling the clothing and or have released it somewhere? I'm trying to get my hands on the black track jacket and pants with the stripes down the sides but I can't find anything online for raffles or even if it's been released yet.
  2. red dune

    **..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: You get a Jesus piece! You get a Jesus piece! Everybody gets a Jesus piece:..**

    I am trying to buy a cuban link bracelet from Leon's and when I think the deals been made he says he needs to charge 10% on top for paypal fees...I didn't pay any fees for my chain, plus isn't it just a flat 3% for transactions for goods and services? Am I wrong here and if not, how do I get...
  3. red dune

    **..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: You get a Jesus piece! You get a Jesus piece! Everybody gets a Jesus piece:..**

    Thank you for this! And thank you for the other suggestions as well. I will try them all out and see where the consistency lies and go with that.
  4. red dune

    **..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: You get a Jesus piece! You get a Jesus piece! Everybody gets a Jesus piece:..**

    What's the proper way to measure for bracelet length. There's obviously measuring your wrist, but how much additional length is supposed to be added for a proper fit? By proper I mean that it's not difficult to take on and off, there's some give in it so that you aren't choking your hand, buy...
  5. red dune

    the thread about nothing...

    Can confirm. Lived in Portland for 5 years. People damn near revolted when they revealed the new carpet. They still have some of the original in some part of pdx. People were so carpet crazy they sold off 1 x 1 foot squares to people that wanted them. The pattern has since been incorporated into...
  6. red dune

    2023 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

    Anyone know if there is any difference between the white-black swoosh and gum sole lows that are coming out and the orange label version of them that released a few years ago? The OL leather looked good and I'm hoping the upcoming pair is the same.
  7. red dune


    I hope you're serious, I'd love to own any of the kobe retros and I have no faith in my online skills.
  8. red dune

    Ebay StockX Goat Etc.

    So I sold a pair of dunks that were authenticated by stockx weeks ago and open a case. They said it's some technical issue with shelling out payment, but its still been two weeks and nothing. How do I get them to pay me? Can I call PayPal and open a case as a seller? I don't frankly know what to...
  9. red dune

    Official New Balance Thread *sizing info for different models on first page*

    Anyone happen to have an extra bodega x new balance mock neck in a L they'd be willing to part with? I can't find it on clothing resale to save my life.
  10. red dune

    Ebay StockX Goat Etc.

    I should also mention that I bought it from them and it didn't fit so I turned right around and sold them. Do I do a charge back on them? If I do they'll cancel my account but how easy is it to just make a new one?
  11. red dune

    Ebay StockX Goat Etc.

    I had stockx reject a Kith hoodie I sold them they said it manufacturer defects, such as misplaced tags, misplaced logos, and/or embroidery issues found on the item. Additional Notes from Verification: Markings on the shoulder Looking at those Markings they look like fluff. What do I do?
  12. red dune


    Skip's near total silence during Shannon's critique is very telling. I wonder what jars he's had his hands in in the past.
  13. red dune

    School Me On This Russia/Ukraine Kerfuffle

    At what point does a government just actually collapse? I.e. unresponsive military, government had no control, the nation's foreign power evaporates? The Russian economy is in ruins already and people are just scrabbling to survive as it is? Will this war cause Russia to implode in a scarier...
  14. red dune

    the thread about nothing...

    Where in Texas do you live? Texas has some of the worst air quality in the nation, consistently. Asthma rates among children have been steadily rising for the past 20+ years.
  15. red dune

    ***Official Tattoo Thread: Inked-4-Life Vol.2***

    10 years between touch ups, but can be sooner depending on how often it was exposed to the sun.
  16. red dune

    the thread about nothing...

    First time shame on them. Second time might as well...
  17. red dune

    Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

    Yeah this is a stolen video reposted by someone else with a false and enflaming headline. The original video was from a woman documenting what her abusive husband/ex-husband (status not clear) did to her place. This was all definitely the work of a vindictive grown *** man. I mean, how is a 12...
  18. red dune

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread*** Looks like R Kelly won't be getting out, ever.
  19. red dune

    Nike Lebron 20

    Gluing it down may be an option. Not sure if that would throw the lines of the shoe off though.
  20. red dune


    Good God, I saw what people are asking for kobe online and I'm just grateful I took care of mine all these years. Sadly it means I'll prolly be wearing them less to preserve them...
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