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  1. incredibleev

    Official FUTURE A1/FBG Thread

    yall are buggin, not a bad song in the bunch Blood, Sweat, Tears is next level
  2. incredibleev

    **Official Post Your Dog Thread**

    My baby dachshund, Basha. A year old on Sunday.
  3. incredibleev

    INDIE Music Thread

    The War On Drugs have my fav album of 2014 so far Recommended if you like'd the Kurt Vile record from last year, psychedlic Bruce or Tom Petty (or any dad-rock rendered slightly trippy, really)
  4. incredibleev

    What song are you listening to right now?

  5. incredibleev

    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    That cardigan is aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight I'm not really fuxin with the shawl collars no more Ralphy needs to calm down with that
  6. incredibleev

    Most Anticipated 2014 Music

    Since a D'angelo album is not anywhere near a guarantee, my most anticipated is one man and one man only
  7. incredibleev

    The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

    this movie is a dark comedy that is very easily enjoyable based on the momentum, pacing and energy of the story. It's not really on the scale of Goodfellas or other rise-and-fall epic stories. As I've read elsewhere, it's basically the last 30 minutes of Goodfellas stretched out to 3 hours and...
  8. incredibleev

    The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

    This aint winning no damb awards but Leo's performance might be my favorite of his all time.  Amazing movie that will get rewatches from me for a long, long time. 
  9. incredibleev

    YOUR Top 10 Albums of 2013 (Multi-Genre, Mixtapes count too)

    1. Kanye West - Yeezus UNOFFICIAL 1A. Jai Paul - Leaked demos/bootlegs 2. Kurt Vile - Wakin On A Pretty Daze 3. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City 4. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories 5. HAIM - Days Are Gone 6. Arcade Fire - Reflektor 7. Disclosure - Settle 8. Blood Orange -...
  10. incredibleev

    So NT, what have you achieved this year and what are your goals for 2014? Vol: Feel good

    Huge year for me: - Got married and honeymooned on the Canary Islands - Got a dog - Wrote more than I have in my entire time in law school thus far; very proud of my work - Saw Kanye twice including once in super duper VIP standing with Stretch Armstrong, Ebro and other NY hip-hop people...
  11. incredibleev

    The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

    Wolf of Wall Street screened at BNAT (24-hr movie marathon for film critics mostly, movie heads know whats up) and also screened for critics recently in New York, and it is being called one of the best films of the year and one of Scorsese's finest ever (!!!) Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm from...
  12. incredibleev

    Kanye YEEZUS Tour With Kendrick Lamar (NEW DATES ADDED 10/22)

    VIP last night, show #2 for me. Prob best arena-concert experience I've had. Some iPhone shots:
  13. incredibleev

    Interscope Records loses $25 Million on Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Album as sales dip

    Label will def spend 25 milly on an album since labels are getting money now from tours (360 deals) and the Lady Gaga tour will always do exceptional But yeah no doubt about it Artpop is a flop in the industry's eyes
  14. incredibleev

    Kanye YEEZUS Tour With Kendrick Lamar (NEW DATES ADDED 10/22)

    Show was dope last night but get there on time if you wanna see the opener. Missed most of Kendrick but i aint mad Also you can def smoke at Barclays word to Section 223 but i was gone off special cookies so i was good money. GREAT show put on by Ye but i dont need the ranting in the middle of...
  15. incredibleev


    Question for this week, driving myself crazy Harvin or Ray Rice as a PPR flex? 
  16. incredibleev

    INDIE Music Thread

    That Blood Orange album though.....that **** is absolutely slaying me. Maybe my fav album this year besides Yeezus and the Jai Paul unofficial release Streaming on iTunes currently
  17. incredibleev

    Massive letdowns this yr! MCHG, Yeezus, 20/20 II of II, Drake, Eminem.. What's next??

    Love Yeezus, don't *** with Drake, but id say its pretty undisputed that both of those can't be considered "let downs." I think a certain amount of critical acclaim can sufficiently take you out of "let down" status, and both of those albums def got enough critical acclaim to satisfy that. ...
  18. incredibleev

    Is Marvin Gaye the GOAT? Discuss

    Marvin and Tammi duets stay on my iPod
  19. incredibleev


    LOL at even comparing the Eminem track and the Kanye one. Eminem hasn't changed one but in basically 15 years. As an avid fan of music, creativity and artistic expression challenging the listener, I cannot take anything Eminem does seriously anymore. He is a caricature whose core fan base is...
  20. incredibleev

    Is Marvin Gaye the GOAT? Discuss

    Sam Cooke is my guy and there are too many contenders but Marvin will always be in the top 10% of the discussion
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