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  1. the stoic paisano

    Favorite Old School Sports Posters .....

    Yo the Seahawks and Nike should troll hard and wear those Curt Warner joints as a pro combat uni this year.
  2. the stoic paisano

    When does Team USA 2012 Nike Basketball gear go on sale?

    The USA Track & Field site has some really nice retro t-shirts up. I'm confused as to why Nike is just releasing them through USATF as the only branding is USA (no mention of T&F).  Nike Heritage Collection
  3. the stoic paisano

    *****2012 SUMMER JAM THREAD*****

    Exactly, Rosenberg has this elitist attitude and for some reason he decides to unleash it at Hot 97's most pop event of the year? Who he is trying to convert there? I don't give an F if the backpackers think Rosenberg is right, if he's so disgusted by radio hip-hop, get the hell of the radio...
  4. the stoic paisano

    Should Justin Combs (Puffy's son) give up his scholarship?

    "trust fund scholarship sure to give him power"Anyways, being on scholarship is a lot more than having your school paid for. If Justin was to pay his own way, he would be barred from many team activities, training table being among those. Combs wouldn't have access to the same nutritionists and...
  5. the stoic paisano

    Nobody was checking for BATTLESHIP?

    She looks the part, and is a better actress than Brooklyn Decker (not saying much). I like Ri-ri on the big guns. 
  6. the stoic paisano

    Mother Sues District/State After Son Cut From Team

    So what happened, did you guys carry 20 players once the football/baseball players become eligible, or were there some guys that were relegated to the JV squad? I know you aren't going to say you went short-handed with a six-man roster or something. Concur that the coach may not have...
  7. the stoic paisano

    Mother Sues District/State After Son Cut From Team

    Why? Certain (football) players were unavailable to be named to the basketball team at one point. Once they became eligible, those players earned back their spots. In the meantime, the basketball team shouldn't have had to play with a less than full roster, and the suing kid is probably one of...
  8. the stoic paisano

    :::Official Air Jordan XI low white/red release thread 5/5/12: NO BUYING, SELLING or TRADING!:::

    11-13 still sitting on Got my order in.
  9. the stoic paisano

    2.5 Gallons of Coca Cola and 30 Cigarettes a Day Can Kill You? Who Woulda Thought?

    I'm saying though. On the days I actually make an effort to drink ONE gallon of water as recommended, I'm pissing clear every 20 minutes. It's a chore. 2.5 gallons of pure sugar? That's unfathomable.Now I'm off to get a Mexican Coke lol.
  10. the stoic paisano

    2017 NIKE NFL Apparel, Footwear & Jerseys

    Hmm, backwards Swoosh on the right sleeve...always headed into battle a la the American flag patch?
  11. the stoic paisano

    Hey...........How Come Women In Our Army Don't Look Like This?

    What kind of goofyass name is Crossmanhart? Sounds like some fifth rate pro wrestler.
  12. the stoic paisano

    If you want to see toughness in sports, look no further than Wayne Simmonds of the Flyers....

    Damn, when they let real goons like Nuck Nuck and Pojo and them into the NHL?
  13. the stoic paisano

    Is the Superdome the most historic active sports venue in the world?

    By that token, neither does the Superdome, what with the post-Katrina renovations. Not sure about giving all these votes to a Dome that was pretty much designed specifically to attract the Saints....which have been the model franchise for ineptitude. It has very little 'home' history...
  14. the stoic paisano

    2017 NIKE NFL Apparel, Footwear & Jerseys

    Yo the team sites are throwing up no Vaseline prices, a solid 35% increase over msrp. It's one thing for the actual stadium stores, but I wonder if the e-commerce guys have ever heard of comparison shopping. Holy cow.
  15. the stoic paisano

    2017 NIKE NFL Apparel, Footwear & Jerseys

    I just came. Hypercools are amazing.
  16. the stoic paisano

    Good Looking Quality Polo Shirts

    Sunspel. They're more expensive but they fit really well.
  17. the stoic paisano

    Alicia Silverstone, Wha The!!?? :X

    Ferrell and Chris Parnell think you're late, they did this in an SNL skit from 2000. Here it is.
  18. the stoic paisano

    The All Time NBA All-Ugly Team

    Any Keith Closs or Paul Mokeski sightings?
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