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  1. seniosoul

    How long should a quickie be?

  2. seniosoul

    Lowest GPA you've ever seen in college?

    these gpa scores look like processor speeds
  3. seniosoul

    Someone Blow My Mind Vol. Illuminati, 2012, Aliens, Life

    :eek i think its all starting to make sense
  4. seniosoul

    does any one have that superman picture

    where alfred says something like you can save all these hos and super man says yes i can
  5. seniosoul

    Pilar Sanders Vol. She can jump me anytime!

    that back
  6. seniosoul

    Delete mods

  7. seniosoul

    Is Harder To Skate or Surf?

    i would be best to ask someone who has mastered both skills.
  8. seniosoul

    How does this make you feel

    im posting a link, alright it wouldn't show up the firs time around
  9. seniosoul

    Gymkhana 5: San Francisco

    man i never seen anyone drift or be interested in drifting before the fast and furious series started dropping.
  10. seniosoul

    Pine-Sol Prank

  11. seniosoul u guys ever heard of them

    why do you have to have an account just to see the merchandise.
  12. seniosoul

    tostino's pizza appreziation

    put directly on the rack or the bread will be to soft
  13. seniosoul

    to kill a mouse

    the sound effects of the broom and plastic bag when he start poundin the rat got me rollin�
  14. seniosoul

    Man Destroys T-Mobile UK Store

    seems like he signed up for the 2 year contract, opted out, and got hit with the early cancellation fee.
  15. seniosoul

    Someone Blow My Mind Vol. Illuminati, 2012, Aliens, Life

    i know nt doesn't like reading but i'll leave this right here
  16. seniosoul

    Jon Stewart Criticizes Chris Christie Marijuana Veto Hypocrisy

    confiscation + $100 fine? or no confiscation + $100 fine?
  17. seniosoul

    Did the water cup prank

    HA-HA-HAAAAA you had your beaters on all those cups...why would you reuse them?
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