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    Looks like it. Much appreciated.
  2. aintfresh

    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    can someone tell me the brand of these jeans?
  3. aintfresh


    anybody know what brand these jeans are?
  4. aintfresh

    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    Can yall recommend a solid pair of black jeans? I usually rock Levi's 511, and may just reorder it unless I usually wear a 32/32. On the slimmer side...
  5. aintfresh

    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    Summer time in New York be getting hot. Looking for some shorts suggestions from you fly fellas..
  6. aintfresh

    Going on a trip to Cali #GoingGoinBackBackToCaliCali best tacos i've had in norcal or socal. honestly any of the beaches you're going to love if you just wanna chill.
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    I never knew that......

    this is not true. my fiancee who studies typography and fonts for a living says the Ampersand isn't a broken infinity. It's the e and t coming together to form AND, a joining of two letters.
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    Wedding Suit Help!

  9. aintfresh

    Wedding Suit Help!

    What's up, I'm getting married this upcoming August and am looking to get a nice suit for myself/groomsmen. I'm digging something like this: Preferably without the lines/stripes. Just the gray color. Anybody know any brands i should look into?
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    NikeTalk....What do you do for a living?

    freelance videographer/video editor.
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    currently in an auction keeper's league where we can only keep 5 players. $200 budget in the beginning of the season. my first 4 keepers are set, but my 5th im debating between bradley beal ($13) or devin booker for $8. i love booker's game but not sure how he will fit in the rotation next year...
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    Who's Watching Man In The High Castle?

    good show. highly recommended.
  13. aintfresh

    I Really Enjoy

    Using things up and replacing them. For example, I love it when my toothpaste is running low and I can replace it with a new one. I love it when my batteries in my mouse dies and I can replace them. Am I the only one who feels this way?
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    What should I be doing?

    don't go to grad school just yet especially since you're unsure. just keep applying to jobs/get an internship in the mean time to gain some experience.
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    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    i'm looking to drop maybe around $100? i want a shoe that feels close to a sneaker, not as dressy as oxfords but still got some style. prob top it with a dress shirt and jeans/khakis. hope this helps.
  16. aintfresh

    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    can someone recommended me a pair of casual-dress shoes that are appropriate for work? i'll be walking a lot in them around the city, so comfort is very important but don't want to sacrifice too much of style.
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    On the edge of my Kobe 9 EM soles, they seem to stick out a bit so it isn't exactly a leveled sole. Compared with my kobe 9 high elites, the edge of the soles are more even. Is this normal for the kobe 9 EM soles? (I only care because the first day I balled in the lows, I slid and did the splits...
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    More info on these?!
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    Any Filmmakers/Actors here?

    I recently got into DSLR filmmaking and am intrigued at just making and appreciating a good video/film from the composition, acting, music etc. I didn't grow up as a "movie buff" but I'm starting to appreciate the art of filmmaking. Here is a video I did as a final project for a class I was in...
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