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  1. mr whomp whomp

    Video of awesomeness

  2. mr whomp whomp

    If you out somewhere with your girl and she gets jumped, do you jump in?

    I seen the scenario in the mall once when I was younger. Duke startedoff slinging the chicks then just decided to pin two of them against a wall.
  3. mr whomp whomp

    Official girls with natural beauty post.

    this that even a chick OP posted?
  4. mr whomp whomp

    Proof That Police Brutality, Racial Profiling And Unfair Treatment Is A Myth

    this is exactly the reason I'm unsympathetic when bad things happen to cops
  5. mr whomp whomp

    LIGHT SKIN VS. DARK SKIN (Mods delete if inappropriate)

    where can I find this video?
  6. mr whomp whomp

    TRUCKERS!!! Cali and Prancer on uStream... vol. keep it clean

    don't waste your time, nothing special
  7. mr whomp whomp

    WWE RAW is SHAQ 7.27.2009

    Damn, dukes music was
  8. mr whomp whomp

    When and how did you lose your v-card NT?

    The summer before I begin HS. Long story short, my best friend's cousin used me to get back at her boyfriend who had cheated on her with one of hercoworkers. I was mad nervous and didn't even put the rubber on properly, she had to do it for me. Best/most embarrassing .002 seconds of my teenage...
  9. mr whomp whomp

    When and how did you lose your v-card NT?

    thread derailment in 5.....4....3....2
  10. mr whomp whomp

    Name Some TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon...

    the 1st season was
  11. mr whomp whomp

    Anybody else feel rotten for things you did as a child/teen?

    Albite this is true and most of the initial stuff I posted I justchalk up to being a kid there is one situation I'm still disgusted with myself about. In the 8th grade I "went with" (I say that becauseanything before HS doesn't really count) this girl for about 2 weeks. One day she calls me...
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