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  1. nktran001

    What asinine stuff do you do when drunk?

    And you do have some chompers too..I'd let you bite me.
  2. nktran001

    a dog with a hoody.

    What am I looking at?8o
  3. nktran001

    Marijuana robbery gone wrong, crashes car

    OP has to be 13.
  4. nktran001

    sshhh.. no clapping in the library.

    Dammmmmn, she's nasty. >D
  5. nktran001

    My 16 yr old Daughter just told me .......

    Does your daughter look more like you or her mother?8o
  6. nktran001

    How often do you guys get a haircut?

    Once every two weeks.
  7. nktran001

    Anyone else a Lisa Ramos fan

    I'd love her forever.
  8. nktran001

    Kid licks an entire nyc subway railing on a dare for a dollar

    I wonder what it tasted like? 8o
  9. nktran001

    do ppl really believe the world will end in december?

    Paris Hilton is :hat
  10. nktran001

    Carol Vorderman. 51 years old.

    With dim lights.
  11. nktran001

    **The Official Qualmes InternationalSouthernDopeTunes Thread**

    Wish I was that girl.
  12. nktran001

    Resellers are NOT killing the "game"

  13. nktran001


    _imcaillou >D
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