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  1. ripyzyz

    corrupt pigs

    have no idea whats going on here
  2. ripyzyz

    The xx - Coexist.... releases 9-11!!!!!!!Official Thread

    thinking about going to the show here in October...
  3. ripyzyz

    Kanye Nickname Generator

    Picasso Sr
  4. ripyzyz

    What are your favorite podcasts?

    This American Life Indoor Kids Comedy Bang Bang We're Alive Making it with Riki Lindholme Cashing in with TJ Miller How did this get Made
  5. ripyzyz

    Lil Wayne made a pact with a Demon named Murmur? (very long read)

    This  Saw the title and knew it was a copy x paste job him
  6. ripyzyz

    XXL's Top 30 Independent Artists in the Game

    Yeah Mac is moving units, but we know why
  7. ripyzyz


  8. ripyzyz


    Damn  I thought the Pippens would sit like the last 17 times they retroed.  Was waiting on clearance prices
  9. ripyzyz

    Lock this up, apparently I'm a troll.

    video game competition against you. your game(s) of choice.
  10. ripyzyz

    West Coast. GTFIH

    yall winning
  11. ripyzyz

    Lock this up, apparently I'm a troll.

  12. ripyzyz

    NT Debt Collection Help

    Has it been sold yet? If so I would send a letter asking for pay for deletion(offer them what you said you wanted). If they agree get it in writing before any money is exchanged. If not, I'd say $#$! it and leave it since a "closed" or "settled" file literally does nothing for you credit...
  13. ripyzyz

    where is this pic from? (kanye john legend and common on a boat being chased by a helicopter)

    Guess in the dark Magazine article or promo pic around the grammy family time?
  14. ripyzyz

    the thread about nothing...

  15. ripyzyz

    the thread about nothing...

    naw you could be right.  Maybe I'm being overly cynical 
  16. ripyzyz

    the thread about nothing...

    I thought that just meant get her a gift and she'll send some personalized nudes or webcam %*+!
  17. ripyzyz

    the thread about nothing...

    at sugar daddy applications.  Tricking on online chicks
  18. ripyzyz


    Anybody use any online subscription services? So many to choose from, can't decide.
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