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  1. los angeles fresh


    Sony ear phones that i got for 15 bucks sound dope and have lasted me almost a whole year. I'm straight
  2. los angeles fresh


    I'd show you pictures of my regimen that I followed religiously to get rid of my Acne. BUT, this is NT I do have them posted on my online log though
  3. los angeles fresh

    your first love.

    Lost her 9 months ago or so /shrug EDIT FBGM!
  4. los angeles fresh

    How much does everybody pay for healthcare? medical/dental/vision?

    Don't pay anything because I don't have healthcare
  5. los angeles fresh

    One of the biggest fails in game show history

    250k at first and then 60k after? dude must have had no common sense
  6. los angeles fresh

    To: jordanforever08

    I put him as my avy so his face will be engraved in my mind. It's on. Scumbag
  7. los angeles fresh

    Car Financial Advice....

    The only reason I don't have an evo is because I didn't have credit when I was shopping for a car. I settled for a 2012 honda and now paying $200 a month BEST BELIEVE IMA TRADE IN/SEL IT FOR AN EVO!
  8. los angeles fresh

    Adobe Photoshop CS5 for CHEAP!

    KD used to come through
  9. los angeles fresh

    To: jordanforever08

    Sup bro^
  10. los angeles fresh

    Anyone can help me?? university parking lot car damaged

    Came in here to say this
  11. los angeles fresh

    Bastard's of NT: From a scale 1-10, How much did not having your pops around affect you?

    I don't usually read all the post in the thread but I did this time. The dude left my mom when I was born so I never got to meet him. Some days though, I do wish I could have met him to see the type of person that he is/was. His absence did affect me. I do have a step dad that treats me...
  12. los angeles fresh

    Dating single mothers, what's your take on it?

    I did it. I'm kinda bitter about it. I guess it all depends on the chick. The only reason the chick and I didn't work out was two reasons: 1) She didn't live in Cali (Where I'm from), she lived in Washington 2) She didn't have time for anything, including me. I met her daugher. Cute as $*$@...
  13. los angeles fresh

    If you have any super power what would it be and why?

    The ability to go back in time. I don't even want to go forward... just backwards to make things right again
  14. los angeles fresh

    Am I About To Get Scammed?

    Is his paypal verified? I sold my first item on ebay across seas and the dude only went through with it because I had my account verified /Kanye shrug
  15. los angeles fresh

    Need for Speed in real life O.o

    Someone please Embed
  16. los angeles fresh

    sexual frustration is the worst frustration in the book.

    #+@@ @$!#+@!, get money. All day, errday
  17. los angeles fresh

    NT Car Heads: Decent Used Car for Under $2K?

    240sx! Mine has 200k miles and runs like a champ! The ka24 never gives out
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