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  1. siemprefresco14

    Air Jordan 2010 Topics MERGED!

  2. siemprefresco14

    2010 NBA All-Star Saturday Night - At Jordan Brand Event and VIP Party

    i was there too. it was pretty dope. free jordan shirts. free lasering on shoes or anything else you wanted. i ended up getting my blk/red 6s lasered.
  3. siemprefresco14

    space jam 6 rings?

  4. siemprefresco14

    Jordan VI's 2010.

  5. siemprefresco14

    More 2010 release news

    yea right. 2 packs of one shoe?
  6. siemprefresco14

    School me on Comme Des Garcons

    they do, just not perfumes/colognes
  7. siemprefresco14

    Let's talk GHOSTWRITERS... Wayne, Kanye, Dre, who else?

    wayne keeps a ghostwriter. face it
  8. siemprefresco14

    The Wire...

    McNulty is the man
  9. siemprefresco14

    Yo NT! Whats Your Sign?

  10. siemprefresco14

    If you had the opportunity to slap a celebrity, who would it be??

    Plies Weezy Tyler Perry Khaled
  11. siemprefresco14

    Things that girls do that get you every time?

    lip bite come and get it look cute smile getting angry
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