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  1. marlsj

    What's the BEST thing you've Ever had to eat???

    My husbands cooking. And my husbands #%*+.
  2. marlsj

    Dozens Dead from Earthquake in Turkey

    Damn there seems to be one earthquake a week.
  3. marlsj

    New Iron Man 2 Trailer

    Looks good.
  4. marlsj

    Who Is The Youngest NTer??

    *butters popcorn*
  5. marlsj

    denzel .gif

    I need to see this gif.
  6. marlsj

    Can you tell the difference?

  7. marlsj

    Look at all the ruined jays

  8. marlsj

    How do you register for NT?

  9. marlsj

    Finding out girl who rejected you is hooking up with a wack dude UNAPPRECIATION POST.

    *looks at op's s/n* *leaves thread*
  10. marlsj

    Official Alice In Wonderland Movie Post

    Hmm I might have to check this movie out.
  11. marlsj

    TRY THIS RIGHT NOW(this site will guess anyone u have in your mind)

    It guessed mine right.
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