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  1. sharp020

    nike dunk sb hi FLOM custom

    ^^^i didnt stitch it because its full grain suede, in my original post i said it was really hard to work with it, the brown threads alone kept breaking on mequite often, so i wasnt able to embroidery. hey infamousAIR45, did HYPE(mod) from ISS sell you these shoes? or are you HYPE? i've been...
  2. sharp020

    *S02* The beginnings of my reconstructions

    ^^^cant say how i do it, it involves both work by machine and hand. thanks for the replies. -i might take orders(depending on the day) heres my prices. -220 if you provide the shoe (you ship me some shoes) -300 if i have to provide the shoe(meaning i buy it firsthand). -My prices already cover...
  3. sharp020

    *S02* The beginnings of my reconstructions

    well i havent posted any of my customs here in a long while, reason was that i've been experimenting with reconstruction and after a couple of shoes and some failed attemps i finally got it locked down, so heres some of the stuff that i've been working on since july. enjoy :hat posted in...
  4. sharp020

    ?? Possible to make an AF LOW from an AF HIGH ??

    yeah its possible, but really only with reconstruction. you would have to have already had taken apart a low top AF1 and saved the templates from those, then when you get the highs you would have to remove the upper from the sole, get the heel plate out, cut it into the right shape and then...
  5. sharp020

    *S02* some of my customs

    thanks for all the comments, ill give a little back story on all of them. -the silk mid top was made for a cousin of mine(it was my first custom with the sewing machine) -the p-rods were for myself(again one of my first) -the blue/black/white camo dunk high was a shoe made from art of Duncan...
  6. sharp020

    *S02* some of my customs

    im new to this forum, but not to customizing, so ill just post up a quick recolection of my customs(not all of them), im not sure if theres a size restriction on this forum or anything, but if so please let me know, im gonna post them in chronological order. the last two...
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