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  1. doosta45

    The Weeknd Thread ( "The Dawn FM" OUT NOW)

    my girl has this as her alarm on her phone, i wake up to  my girl has this as her alarm on her phone, we wake up to this every morning. anyone have a CDQ link to the illangelo mix?
  2. doosta45

    Man Shot Outside Hollywood Club - TMZ & Worldstar There to Capture It All - WSHH Encouraging Reckles

    Exactly that's the worst part. Haven't seen a lifeless body in the streets like that in a minute. Was talking to the homies the other day about fights, clubbing and just how unpredictable it is. Hell I got in a fight last year leaving Exchange in LA. It could have ended EXACTLY like this for...
  3. doosta45

    NT, I want to launch a new business called tortoise&ink (typography prints), please come give some f

    Interesting. How did you come up with the name tortoise&ink?
  4. doosta45

    OFFICIAL LA CLIPPERS 2012-2013 SEASON THREAD (Playoffs v. Memphis, Lost 4-2; Offseason thread comin

    *shrug*. We broke the law. We got to come out swinging from jump through the final whistle. Jazz got a chip from this game and last game with Billups.
  5. doosta45

    SOOOOOOO AllState just hit me with the OKIE DOKE WOW!

    This. When I was shopping quotes for my new car (was coming from paying 60/month liability only on a 98 jetta) and was getting quotes of 400+ (couple tickets, under 25, male, new car). Was just going to bite the bullet and just pay the 400+ but then decided to call up the insurance I wanted to...
  6. doosta45

    Damb bruhs I has embarrassed Vol GAS

    So about them pics...
  7. doosta45

    Any NT'ers who happen to stutter/stammer?

    I have a stammer, one i have had since i was younger. it used to be horrible, used to sound like porky the pig. never took any classes, guess i grew out of it. ive noticed it's been off and on. it was present in grade school, went away in middle and high school. and just recently came back...
  8. doosta45

    OFFICIAL LA CLIPPERS 2012-2013 SEASON THREAD (Playoffs v. Memphis, Lost 4-2; Offseason thread comin

    i aint eem mad. i did fall asleep at halftime, espn app woke me up with the final score from OT. They kept it close (<10) until i knocked out.Glad they were able to take it to OT tho. Brooklyn on friday
  9. doosta45

    Take a pic of what you're doing RIGHT NOW - Niketalk Mobile

    Just got back to the crib, listening to vinyl and catching up on sportscenter.
  10. doosta45

    OFFICIAL LA CLIPPERS 2012-2013 SEASON THREAD (Playoffs v. Memphis, Lost 4-2; Offseason thread comin

    Great win. DJ for MIP, easy. Odom needs to lose weight ASAP. We should honestly be 9-0, right now. We took the Warriors and Cavs for granted, those should have been Ws. Spurs on Monday, OKC Wednesday.
  11. doosta45

    Vinyl Collection Thread... vol. crate diggers welcome

    Just checked it out and downloaded the app. Will def come in handy when I'm out crate digging. Easier to search for stuff, and it has everything at your fingertips from track listing, average price (amazon, discogs, eBay), label, cat number, genre/style, picture of artwork, and credits. A few...
  12. doosta45

    Introducing NikeTalk Mobile

    I lowkey stopped visiting nt since the move from yuku, but would periodically check music/general. Mobile site on it's way, def going to have to make a comeback.
  13. doosta45

    Losing my hair Vol: "Feels Batman"

    i need to put on weight before i start rocking the baldy. going to look like a straight cancer patient hairline has been disappearing and thinning since i turned 21, going on 25. miss the waves and natural curls :(
  14. doosta45

    To one of the baddest female NT'ers EVER.

    this.... looks like she is at an outdoor concer/showt too. Always hated people who sat on the ground during concerts/shows and got pissed when they got stepped on.
  15. doosta45

    Window Tints

    i got 35% all around on a white car. wish i would have opted for 20% instead. its dark, but not dark enough.
  16. doosta45

    *NEW* Blu & Exile "Maybe One Day EP" (7/17/12)

    Thanks just copped
  17. doosta45

    This Frank Ocean still goes hard.....*Official Thread*

    this! ill still mess with dude musically, so long as he isnt getting explict with his lyrics. everything is money.
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