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  1. jinkazama

    Nike Greater Than Series (Cut/Run/Jump)

    Colorway after colorway...the GT cut 2 still doesn't hold a candle to the 1. Anybody know why Nike abandoned the 1 so quick but are pumping out the 2's?
  2. jinkazama

    Any Air Rift Love?

    my wife has like 10 pairs. She buys whenver they come out. Her all-time favorite sneaker. She's gonna be stoked that they are back again.
  3. jinkazama

    Jordan 38

    Loving the 38's so far. Can't wait for the tech specs. All I see rn is full length Forumula 23... >D
  4. jinkazama

    Nike LeBron IV Retro

    The 4's are pretty heavy with no casual appeal at all. That being said. They are some of the best lebrons to actually hoop in. That zoom insole was MONEY!
  5. jinkazama

    Nike Air Pegasus 89

    Scooped these the other day. Couldnt pass up such a clean colorway for $100. I guess nobody else is feelin' them. FSR still up on NDC 🤷‍♂️
  6. jinkazama

    LeBron 21

    Owned plenty of foams back in my day and the break in period is rough and takes a game or three going hard in them in my experience. I heard a while back Lebron likes a fresh pair every game, wanting a fresh pair every game and foams don't mix. Once they are broken in they are amazing and damn...
  7. jinkazama

    Nike Lebron 20

    yup. Plus Bron aint getting what we get in stores. Its close but his are made specifically for his feet/game/preferences...
  8. jinkazama

    Jordan 38

    They're rockable...shorts only though...
  9. jinkazama

    So, what is the difference between ZoomX and regular Zoom Air?

    Depends...zoom air is an air bag, Zoom X is a foam
  10. jinkazama


    Same thing happened to me recently on some other shoes I ordered but Nike sent me another pair. All I could ever see was that the label was created. 3 weeks later no kicks. Called and got a new pair sent. I think there are some shenanigans going on, on the fedex side.
  11. jinkazama


    Picked up the golf joints for the course but honestly they can easily be rocked off course. Since the “cleats” aren’t super aggressive. Glad I didn’t cop both. Would love to see a comparison between the two.
  12. jinkazama

    Nike Freak 5

    Not my style but none of Giannis kicks have been my style. Decent colorway could def save these though. Giannis must have a thing for big swooshes 🤷‍♂️
  13. jinkazama

    * Official Nike Air Zoom Generation * Lebrons first Retro - DATE TBA

    I guess its good to know I never had a chance to get my size 16 :emoji_disappointed_relieved:
  14. jinkazama

    * Official Nike Air Zoom Generation * Lebrons first Retro - DATE TBA

    Patience my child...patience...the last few Lebron retros have magically restocked on NDC.
  15. jinkazama

    Nike Lebron 20

    I would bet Savannah is fully aware. Plenty of these NBA wives are cool with this as long as they stay the main chick and reap the benefits of being wifey.
  16. jinkazama

    OFFICIAL 2022 LeBron 2 Retro Post: FINALLY

    Same thing for big footers. Went ahead and scooped the Maccabi's because I knew they were only gonna make a few larger sizes. Luckily, this turned out to be the best retro I've ever purchased. Quality is A1, and its darn close to the OG. Would love to scoop the blue/whites but my wallet is...
  17. jinkazama

    OFFICIAL 2022 LeBron 2 Retro Post: FINALLY

    Its heel and forefoot but it might as well be full length; both units are huge. There used to be a photo online that showed the set up. If I remember correctly the tip of the toes and a little space around the outrigger are the only areas the two bags dont cover.
  18. jinkazama

    OFFICIAL 2022 LeBron 2 Retro Post: FINALLY

    Not unpopular over here. Granted I am bigger guy (6'6, 250) but the 4's were beasts on court for me. great traction, great ankle, support super comfortable and damn near indestructable. If you hoop and have these in a box somewhere you are missing out.
  19. jinkazama

    OFFICIAL 2022 LeBron 2 Retro Post: FINALLY

    Mine just came in and MAN! THIS is how you do a retro. JB needs to take note, same great quality and comfort as the OGs. $210 is a CRAZY price but at least its not a cheap take down of the original.
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