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    2016 Spurs with either PG or Harden as the 2 guards
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    Lebron played on a weaker conference and his teammates during his run for those 3 rings were better than Kobe teammates.
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    2017 NBA Playoffs Thread - CLE @ BOS Game 5 on TNT

    Pacers are frauds.
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    2016-2017 NBA FEET

    :rollin the Nets line up. Even my 24 hour fitness squad can beat those guys in the picture.
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    Looking for basketball shorts recommendations

    Get him some Nike Hyper Elite Liftoff shorts. Those shorts are great because they are not supper baggy or thin like other Nike shorts. These shorts are on sale now for $25-$27
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    2016 Official NBA Off-Season Thread: Former Greatness

    I don't know why someone would want to put image of a famous or legendary people on their body? It just seem like the tattoo is a waste of ink and infliction of pain to the skin.
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    Need help. My employer is not paying for work that Ive done.

    Thanks I emailed you
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    Need help. My employer is not paying for work that Ive done.

    Ok Awhile back I was doing field test as a contractor for a small out of state company that contracts and hires people to do telework field test for them. Two months have passed and I'm still not being paid for the work that I've done. I've tried contact them and the owner is not responding. Is...
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    || LocK Dis Up ||

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    The Official NBA Finals Thread: Game 7 - Cleveland Cavaliers are your 2016 NBA Champions

    Whoa slow down man. At this stage Kyrie is no where near the 24 years old version of Kobe back then.
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    Kyrie 1

    copped a pair of FTL. How much do you think these will be worth down the road?
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    Aqua 8s Black Friday 2015

    Not sure how old is the guy in the picture but i've seen guys in their mid 30s and still wear urban styles.
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    || LocK Dis Up ||

    Kind of hard to turn down 48 Millions
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    || LocK Dis Up ||

    Kobe need to go closer to the basket.
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    || LocK Dis Up ||

    Greatest perimeter player of this generation.
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    || LocK Dis Up ||

    He's 19. #2 draft. No finance worries. Living in LA and dating a model. Becoming rookie of the year is not his main priority.
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    Lamar Odom Fighting for His Life Found Unconscious at Nevada Brothel

    With 75K he could have had better looking girls off backpage or craiglist.
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    I wish the Eastern conference would be more competitive
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    The 2014-2015 NBA Season Thread. Lock It Up Please: The Golden State Warriors Are The Champions

    Lebron definitely got hair transplant. It's so obvious now.
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