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  1. leoman3000

    OFFICIAL: NIKE AIR PENNY V (Release Dates, Colorway Updates, and Availability info)

    these could be cool in person. i like the medial side.
  2. leoman3000

    OFFICIAL: Nike Zoom FLYKNIT Collection - Racers + Trainers ONLY - (SIZE POLL ON FIRST PAGE. CHECK TH

    Might be a while for an rd. it's true that they are probably struggling with mass production. This process is going to be an absolute game changer, and you can bet that they weren't the only major company trying to develop it. Nike being very savvy at marketing likely released some small runs to...
  3. leoman3000

    Air Jordan VI Remix? Jordan Blueprint - Spring '13

    I don't know what's better, seeing shoes you love getting murdered in every wacky color and bunk material jb can get their hands on, or having them whip up brand new batches of garbage like these. I guess these are better. Then I can just not buy them, and still have my fond memories. Who's...
  4. leoman3000

    Quick question about shoe box tissue & silica packs.

    Depends on heat/humidity of where you're at, too. It's not universal. Changes of temperature and humidity make the Eva expand and contract, and this repeated will dry it out causing it to stiffen and crack. Just try and keep that constant. I have some 20 year old shoes that are still perfectly...
  5. leoman3000

    First Look: Jordan Ace 23 - Spring '13

    Ugh. Lee.
  6. leoman3000

    Air Jordan 6 OLYMPIC JULY 2012 Now with Photos!

    These at hotttt I didn't get these and got the white navy retro+ that year. Blew it.
  7. leoman3000

    "Girl next door" modeling in Jordan 3's

    Jordan's are for sure harder to pull off than heels, but I've seen it done.
  8. leoman3000

    Ugliest CW on Jordans ?

    That whole rainbow pack will set a new precedent for ugly
  9. leoman3000

    Nike Air Safari ID 5/22/2012

    oh man
  10. leoman3000

    When will Nike retro the rest of the Garnetts?

    i want those 1996 air flight max's in black
  11. leoman3000

    Black Red and Gold Foamposite One

    that speckle foam is kind of cool. i think those foam moulds must have been expensive if they keep pushing out colors like this. nike getting their money's worth.
  12. leoman3000

    Air Jordan "Rainbow Pack" AJ's I-2011(topics merged)

    hahahaha oh man that magic pic says it all
  13. leoman3000

    Another dissection CHI X

    pretty sloppy cutting job.
  14. leoman3000

    Dissecting The Air Jordan 11 “Concordâ€

    co-sign. somebody chop some og's!
  15. leoman3000

    Complex Sneakers "The 25 Greatest Nike Signature Basketball Sneakers of All Time... Your opinion???

    still waiting for that '25 worst complex lists' list
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