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    moments in sports that made you cry.

    Uconn's first championship in 1999 got me a little, same with Jordan on Father's Day, and Tiger winning the British Open after his dad died... TEAM MACINTOSH
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    Roc Boys Video<>

    hot vid, but no kanye? TEAM MACINTOSH
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    Messi, Kaka, Ronaldo, or Ronaldinho....who ya got?

    Kaka, im thinkin ronaldinho is on the downslope of his career TEAM MACINTOSH
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    The College Basketball Post

    Uconn fan here, losing johnson isnt that big of a deal as long as Stanley Robinson picks it up this year, and dude up there is right, i think the 'cuse will take the BE TEAM MACINTOSH
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    Middletown, CT...Places to Live

    Live practically on the middletown line, but in the next town over, i would look into seeing if he could pay the rent on a two family house, but if not the apartments right off route 66, sunset or sunrise maybe , dont remember the name, are pretty nice, also ones next to A&P Plaze, im told are...
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