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  1. ucla bruins baby

    January 2009 website/store/outlets updates post! Read first post b4! Bring the Heat for the New Year

    free shipping & no tax for the eggplant foams on sneakerhead as well
  2. ucla bruins baby

    Jordan Retro's In 09 Quickstrikes!

    i feel sorry for the Bordeauxs JB is gonna butcher them RIP
  3. ucla bruins baby

    Nike SB: Purple Suede Blazers upcoming release

    all i need now is the un heaven's gate dunks and i'm good for january!!!
  4. ucla bruins baby

    Outlet Factory Updates!

    "ucla bruins baby are u working at the ontario nike outlet?" i can neither confirm nor deny that....LoL
  5. ucla bruins baby

    Outlet Factory Updates!

    the grapes were b-grades at Ontario you couldn't tell the difference sold out in less than an hour and we had a FSR i'll keep the updates coming
  6. ucla bruins baby

    Outlet Factory Updates!

    1st i want to say......FINALLY I HAVE A FREAKIN' ACCOUNT AFTER APPLYING FOR MONTHS ON END!!! >: 2nd.......we received Grapes at the Ontario Mills outlet last October mid week
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