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  1. 187slayer

    Any good computer repair shops in So Cal?

    if you're willing to drive to 714 ill fix it for 40 bucks.
  2. 187slayer

    AUTO BODY SHOPS? Anyone know any good mechanics? got into an accident..

    Benson Auto Body & Paint 15032 Jackson St Midway City, CA (714) 379-7243 in orange county.. vietnamese dudes they do a really good job and good prices
  3. 187slayer

    oc/lb lookin for a room

    anyone lookin for a roommate or know where i can look for where i can rent a room? looked on craigslist theres not much.. i don't have any credit but i canpay cash.. lookin for around 200-275 a month. if you can help, send me a message with your contact info and i'll get back to you.
  4. 187slayer

    NT Help! I May Be Going To Jail...

    you got nothing to worry about.. i been called by cops before and it showed up under caller id
  5. 187slayer

    The Official NT Beat Thread Vol.2..-~-..-~-.Dope Beats Only!

    aJ232Kb8 you made that song? its sick... reminds me of that micha moore song outer space
  6. 187slayer


    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON GUITAR CENTER. buy a used one. you will thank me. a guitar that has been played on sounds better than one that is brand new. and it's your first guitar, you won't be able to tell what sounds good ornot. you just want to get the basic fingering...
  7. 187slayer

    Morongo Casino?

    morongo - where morons go
  8. 187slayer

    Marijuana Prescription Question *

    its very worth it. every time you smoke, you will be medicated very well.
  9. 187slayer

    Question about Supreme Releases - Air Trainer Related

    cmon man, are you serious... driving from sf to la for a few pair of shoes
  10. 187slayer

    Monster Massive

    word is that tiesto & armin will be performing at giant maximus on new years.. also a rumor is that ATB is going to be at TAO.
  11. 187slayer

    Monster Massive

    are u serious... MM was not that great... for me, i don't think any rave will top this years EDC. so many epic performances. deep dish and above and beyond @#%$ killed it. at MM, all the dj's were pretty tight but markus didnt play any of his old stuff and all armin played was @#%$ from the new...
  12. 187slayer

    Who has the Best Taco's in LA?

    el chavitos in huntington beach slater slums
  13. 187slayer

    Monster Massive

    damn i was expecting too much of MM.... it was alright... armin only played 2 good songs... as the rush comes and adagio for strings. judge jules performance was alright but only cause i was on a tweaked out comedown... it prolly would have been the @#%$ if i was still rolling
  14. 187slayer

    Any good sneaker spots in Huntington Beach?

    hiero, what the hell u talkin about... ur obviously not from hb...
  15. 187slayer

    Where's the best carne asada fries?

    ALERTOS... westminster heads know wassup
  16. 187slayer

    Monster Massive

    how can u not recognize armin? u dont know trance if u dont know armin...
  17. 187slayer

    Popular flip flop brands on West Coast?

    cmon man, rainbow flip flops is like khaki dickies
  18. 187slayer

    Monster Massive

    worth every dollar.... nt etards unite. meetup? just dont bother me when judge jules, markus schulz, and armin are on
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