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  1. sfgr415

    NT summit feeler thread - official thread up

    OK Guys. Official NT NorCal BBQ Summit thread is located here: I will leave this thread up for a day or two and then close it up.
  2. sfgr415

    Ideas for next Norcal NT SUMMIT...

    Sup guys... Just trying to throw this out there. We had a pretty successful GGP BBQ Summit last year and various Strip Club Summits , so I was thinking, what do you guys want to do for the next one? Another BBQ?Another Strip Club meet? That Warriors idea had potential, but lets keep is simple...
  3. sfgr415

    Anyone have a hook-up on Apple iPods?

    I am so frustrated right now. I lost my iPod at work today. Thats the same place where someone stole my entire CD case with about a hundred CD's. I really hate having to buy another iPod but I guess I have no choice. I rarely use it too. I only use it at work to listen to music since I...
  4. sfgr415

    NorthFace apparel in SF

    It's been such a long time since I bought my current NorthFace jackets. I'm looking to pick up a few more. Other than the NorthFace store downtown, anyone know any other spots in SF or surrounding areas? Thanks.
  5. sfgr415

    Finishline Prolem: RESOLVED!

    UPDATE: Ok. So I went to Finishline earlier today. I pretty much walked in and talked to the shift manager and she took care of everything. I would like to thank her for dealing with the situation. She was very nice and professional throughout the transaction. Logging on to NT, I got a PM from...
  6. sfgr415

    Black Out at Century 20 in DC last night.

    So I went to Century 20 last night to go check out Superbad again. After the movie was over, we decide to go eat at Fudruckers. Halfway through the meal, the lights go out. 10 minutes later, the lights are still off so we decide to leave. As soon as I step out, I see HELLA people outside the...
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