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  1. xplicit213

    Usher Robbed For Over $1 Mil In Jewels, Fur, Money

  2. xplicit213


  3. xplicit213

    Whats the story behind this pic??

  4. xplicit213

    Repos Appreciation Post

    Man i'm high as @*@% I love this movie
  5. xplicit213

    Next Day Air

    I just finished watchin this movie blazed it was pretty
  6. xplicit213


    theres already a post
  7. xplicit213

    How long do you think Twitter will last?

    How long do you think Twitter will last?
  8. xplicit213

    Juicy J - Hustle Till I Die

    I'm prolly the only one who checked for this but its Juiceman solo > Paul solo
  9. xplicit213

    Rich Boy Pacc Man

  10. xplicit213

    Anyone need any autoparts?

    I can get you starters, brakes rotors shocks any thing.. just let me know what you need
  11. xplicit213

    Mods PLEASE LOCK... thank you

  12. xplicit213

    Paint Jobs shops in the PG/DC area

    Any spots with good prices and service???
  13. xplicit213

    Gonna be in Detroit this weekend..

    Whats good in Detroit??? Any spots??
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