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  1. bobby analog

    Premium Denim spots in New York?

    What are some good spots for good denim... Looking for Citizens of Humanity for my girl and Edwins or Samurai's for myself, hoping they are cheaper in NY than in Toronto... INQMND will be invading NYC for some interviews and pieces so thought I'd ask for some denim spots to check out while...
  2. bobby analog


    Anybody know where I can get another pair of the Jordan Hydro III locally? EIther black/black/grey or black/red/grey
  3. bobby analog


    It's been dead for a minute... But it's real sad when hypebeast and ISS's respective Toronto threads are more updated and have more contributions than NT...shape things up What part of the game is this? :{
  4. bobby analog


    This weekend coming up! As stated in the e-mail and flyer!
  5. bobby analog

    Spring/Summer '07 Supreme Dropping Tomorrow @ Nomad Toronto!

    Call ya contacts or line up now to get your hands on the new Supreme line dropping @ Nomad tomorrow, 12 Noon sharp Saturday! You already know it's gonna be a wrap if you come late! TEAM RAPTORS RAPTORS > YOUR FAVORITE TEAM
  6. bobby analog


    So I stopped by to check my dude Skam today, took flicks of the temporary window get-up and the progress. Construction and renovations for the building (which is on Spadina, just north of Adelaide, beside the two banks on the west side), and the floorplan is looking great! Alot of thought and...
  7. bobby analog


    Shiits is starting to look like winter finally... Most elementary schools are closed, busses are out for them. UofT schools are still open for operation :{ Hope the Raptors game isn't postponed, Nets probably using this as an excuse praying for a delay, with no Kidd, Krstic and RJ it's a...
  8. bobby analog

    Toronto's own Chris Bosh x Nike AF25!

    Nike finally has stepped up and taken CB4 from the reigns of Converse...and hittin' us up with one of the sickest 25 colourway's yet! In the spirit of the Sports forum Raptor fans... P.S...
  9. bobby analog


    nah b
  10. bobby analog

    ___!!!Official Winter 2007 Summit Brainstorming Thread!!!___

    Let's get a summit going fools, everyone's been asking for one but noone's had the initiative to start one up... I know MTL Troopers can get that same gym as last time easily, so that's a starting point for a location and a meetup spot before we decide what to do... Things on the agenda: a)...
  11. bobby analog

    Can Anyone Unlock A Phone For Free

    I need to get a V3 RAZR (Rogers branded) unlocked for use as a backup... I know the usual spots for 20-30 bucks and my dude that would do it free is out of town, does anybody know how or will be willing to do it for free for me? Or referral to someone/place that will do it for dirt cheap...
  12. bobby analog

    Raps/Suns @ ACC JAN 3rd, 2006

    Who's going? Pretty big game...1st game of the new year, Nash's return to Canada, Suns are exciting, Bosh/Ford/Jorge back in action possibly. The quest to the Titanic Division title continues... If anyone has extra tickets or access to some good side prime or balcony side prime then hit me up...
  13. bobby analog


    Here's a toast for those celebrating and enjoying their holiday break, hope it's filled with lots of joy and happiness, all your wishes fulfilled and peace among family and friends in a time to cherish and enjoy the time you spend together away from your busy lives. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY...
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