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  1. deadprez41

    Master P Sneaker - Please Help!!

    Are these what you're looking for then? I got this from an old ad in SLAM magazine (Aug.99 with VC on the cover)
  2. deadprez41

    Whats good in DAVAO?

    bump Formerly wagner 21 member since August 2001
  3. deadprez41

    Now that VC is done with the V's...

    The Nike's that VC wore during the earlier rounds (or were they the pre-tournament games?) of the 2000 Olympic were the Air Force Carbide. They were worn by several members of the team. Formerly wagner 21 member since August 2001
  4. deadprez41

    Team Pilipinas UPDATES

    well we're out jordan 84 - philippines 76 Formerly wagner 21 member since August 2001
  5. deadprez41

    Team Pilipinas UPDATES

    DID ANYBODY JUST SEE GABE NORWOODS DUNK?! Up 35-33 at halftime against Jordan Formerly wagner 21 member since August 2001
  6. deadprez41

    Whats good in DAVAO?

    aight plz post an update when u get there about the af25s colorways price and which store theyre selling at thx Formerly wagner 21 member since August 2001
  7. deadprez41

    Whats good in DAVAO?

    My mom is gonna be in the PI for the next 2 moths. Can anybody provide some info regarding whats out there. Any good deals? I remember when I was there last year there were some pretty good deals on the Melo 5.5s especially in NCCC. Can I also get a price check on these phones? SE P990i or P1i...
  8. deadprez41

    Do U want KICKSOLOGY reviews? oPEn UP then

    THANK YOU!!! whoever made this... wow.....hyperflight review....ADANs....adidas KOBE...lots of my favorite shoes I used to rock....and the always classic I3 Playoff II review...niceeeee btw where can we find the newer ones? because I remember quite a few more review before he finally shut...
  9. deadprez41

    Best Time of year to go to the Philippines

    I left the Philippines in 1992 and have been there 3 times since (1997,2002, 2006) and i can say that the WORST time to go there is from July to September (during the summer vacation here) its during rainy season altho its not so bad but I wouldnt get to see my cousins and relatives much since...
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