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  1. neukicks

    Best day of my life thus far

  2. neukicks

    Ha Ha Ha Ha

  3. neukicks

    uhhh um uh yea can i uh um

    video won't insert : 
  4. neukicks

    Toe Infection VOL: Barf

  5. neukicks

    Teen's dad spends school year waving at bus, embarrassing son
  6. neukicks

    I am going to leave this article about a-hole cops right here..... VOL dog murderers

    And you guys can tell me what you think....
  7. neukicks

    Max100 The Book Project by Matt Stevens

    check this guys stuff out, he does great work, and this is a great project!! and a picture of his original book i took:
  8. neukicks

    The Turtleman, old but still a classic!!!

  9. neukicks

    How much crack does Charlie Sheen smoke......

    enough to kill two and a half men!
  10. neukicks

    Help me raise money for a cure for my disease, Diabetes and JDRF

    If anyone would be willing to help, please do so, every little bit of money helps, JDRF uses 90% of their money for research. Thanks so much NT!!!
  11. neukicks

    Help me raise money for a cure for my disease, Diabetes and JDRF

    sup DMV? any help would be appreciated to help my team out his year for JDRF. THANK YOU!!
  12. neukicks

    hipmunk ad VOL: Legit as they come

    I've seen the ads for hipmunk, I have been using for a long time, friends of my brother started it, if you see the banner, click it. legit site, and you may find that you will use it.
  13. neukicks

    Traffic Jams Vol. You +*+@*!*

    Traffic jams are caused by you idiots who do this, the reason you sit for so long is because some other !$!#!!% decided to do what you do. If you do this, I hope you eat poop
  14. neukicks

    Always know how to use something first.....before you let

    instinct take over.....late?
  15. neukicks

    Pure Youtube awesomeness VOL 28374093283

    don't know how to embed, so maybe someone will be nice enough to do it for all of us, just gonna leave this here:
  16. neukicks

    Age old Cartoon Vol. Road Runner, awesomeness

    I will never figure out how to embed something 
  17. neukicks

    Tim the Tool Man Taylor....VOL. DAMN!

    anyone know this about your favorite toolman? On 2 October 1978, Tim Allen **** was arrested in Detroit forpossession of a pound and a half of cocaine. Under Michigan law, hecould have been sentenced to life in prison. Instead he turned state'sevidence...
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