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  1. sneakerfan93

    To those of you that live in Toronto or have been there....

    I'm going to Toronto for four days,three nights with some friends and family as our Spring break. Where are some cool places to visit and any fun things to do there? Shopping stores (any sneaker or clothing boutiques?)...Restaurants...Parks...etc?
  2. sneakerfan93

    NT, School Me On Cell Phones!

     Can I purchase a new phone (iPhone 3GS or Blackberry Bold to be exact), and just insert the SIM card from my old cell phone into it in order to call/text?..Or do I have to start a new agreement with the company. ..I have AT&T, if that matters. Thanks in advance!
  3. sneakerfan93

    The official NIKE SB thread.

     In this thread, you post your opinions, feelings, release dates, start discussions, Legit check, Price Check, what you wore, or anything SB related. You may NOT request to buy/sell/or trade!!! Keep that in the Marketplace or PM each other. The reason for this thread is so we can have some...
  4. sneakerfan93

    Is $350 A Good Price For These?

     Sup NT, do y'all think $350 is a good price to list these '99 Black/Cement IVs? Higher or less?...Kicks come with replacement box and no retro card since those were lost somewhere. They're in great condition and 100% wearable...I wore them earlier today lol. Almost no flaws or cracking...
  5. sneakerfan93

    Which is a better deal?

    Worn once '99 Black Cement IV or DS '01 Black/Red XI?...both for same price.
  6. sneakerfan93

    Price Check on Columbia XIs!!!!

    How much do y'all think I can get for these? Thanks in advance!
  7. sneakerfan93

    Legit Check! on '00 Metallic V!!!!Experts Enter Please!

     I'm pretty sure they're authentic, just to double check since I got them for pretty cheap. The tongue has 3M if you were wondering otherwise. Were '00 retros' tongue supposed to be skinnier than the '06 retros? Couldn't get a clear pic of the tag since my camera sucks. But the date...
  8. sneakerfan93

    Being Asian FTW!!!_____Red Envelope Time!!!

    Who celebrated Chinese New Year yesterday and how much did you get?...or give? I got $440 cash from both sides of the family [/spoiler]
  9. sneakerfan93

    How come I feel as if a lot of people on NT are fake

    I'm not just talking about people who post pics of other people saying it's them. People with back up accounts that set them selves up just to get E-props/lulz. I might not be right.. but it seems like it sometimes. Anybody else agree?
  10. sneakerfan93

    NT, What percentile are y'all in?

    What percentile are y'all in? How Your Income Stacks Up by Kevin McCormally Wednesday, December 23, 2009provided by Where do you rank as a taxpayer? You may not feel rich earning $35,000 a year, but you're in the top half of taxpayers. Make $70,000...
  11. sneakerfan93


    Should I trade my Flint 13s, Last Shot 14s, '09 Nubuck 12s, and Playoff 8s (all DS)....for DS Black/Pink Yeezys? Thanks in advance
  12. sneakerfan93


    Should I trade my Flint 13s, Last Shot 14s, '09 Nubuck 12s, and Playoff 8s (all DS)....for DS Black/Pink Yeezys? Thanks in advance
  13. sneakerfan93

    Nike Griffey Max 1 Grey/Orion Blue! *Piff* ...RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED- 2/20/10!!!

    These Griffeys did a great job at staying under the radar. We havelittle info about these, but we’re assuming they will drop sometime in2010. The Air Griffey Max 1 made its return this year, and looks as ifthe releases will continue in 2010. The neutral grey/orion blue lookslovely on the Air...
  14. sneakerfan93


    Sup NT, I bought a pair of Bucks from craigslist for $50. I'm usually pretty good with legit checks but the price on these gets my suspicion and they looka little different from my other pair of Bucks. My thoughts is that these are legit since the date touches the bar code, but I want some...
  15. sneakerfan93

    Mods, Lock Please....Got my answer

    NT, Do you think it's a fair trade? My Cardinal 7s and extra $90 http://washingtondc.craig.../nva/clo/1472114256.html for OG White/Red 12s Thanks in advance
  16. sneakerfan93

    PS3 or 360????

    Sup NT, I'm about to buy a new game system for Black Friday and it's between the PS3 or Xbox 360. Which one is better and/or have better games? Thanks in advance!
  17. sneakerfan93

    How much time do you spend on NT?

    How much time do you guys spend on Niketalk per day? For me, it varies. Like on weekends, I'll be on a lot more often than during weekdays . But overall, I think I averagelike 2 hour per day. Let's be need to lie here
  18. sneakerfan93

    Did someone hack my profile?

    Total Posts Last Post Last Seen Joined 1407 10/24/09 14:02:27 10/24/09 14:02:27 02/16/09 Visitors Now Visitors Today Most Visits Total Visits 0 8 521 07/19/09 730 521 in one day?..That's crazy.
  19. sneakerfan93

    PC on Cardinal VIIs

    How much are these Jordan 7 Cardinals..? Thanks in advance!
  20. sneakerfan93

    ***RATE THAT SHOE! Vol... First On NT***

    Rate the shoe above you! 10 is nicest and 1 is ugliest...Don't exceed those numbers lol! *Nike(AMs,Basketball,Trainers,etc..),SB,and Jordan only! *Must be from your collection. Include the "names"(ie..Jordan 5 "Grapes", Nike AM 1 "Amsterdams"...) of the shoe so it can teach members about...
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