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  1. reasonabldoubt22

    Dre's "Under Pressure" single STILL nothing.... VOL. 8 years later SMH

    So... after being initially announced, it was supposed to drop 2 weeks later. Currently, it's a month later. The man gives us blue ears. !@*@%*% Dr. Dre
  2. reasonabldoubt22

    How Do You Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Vol. UGHHH

    They're raping my kitchen, anyone in the same boat? I hate these pieces of $#!+ I thought about making a paint ball gun with balls filled with raid, and just going Rambo on them *+**@
  3. reasonabldoubt22

    A Freestyle Battle: Translated Vol. Posted?

    @ Fellatio was performed forth with and without explanation
  4. reasonabldoubt22

    Price Check: Used Retro Jordan 3 Fire Red

    Had these for a few years, pretty tore up as you can see. How much can I get for these?
  5. reasonabldoubt22

    I want an "LA" flashy thing by my name

    How do I get one? Thanks
  6. reasonabldoubt22

    I need somewhere for a GOOD pickup game

    Is there anywhere around Socal where college level players run? 24 hour pickup games just arent doing it for me no more.
  7. reasonabldoubt22

    Miles Square Park Pick-Up Basketball

    I heard this place has some good competition..When are the times to be there for a real good run??
  8. reasonabldoubt22


    I am kind of new, I keep hearing about this place Blends in Costa Mesa. Do they have retro jordans?
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