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  1. onetruesoul

    What do you do for a living?

    Advertising copywriter. I think of ideas. I put them on paper. I sell the ideas to the client. I make a commercial. But, since I'm asian. I'm also a failure.
  2. onetruesoul

    Post your pets!

    @rileythecorgi if you want to see more of the little dude.
  3. onetruesoul

    Nurses of Niketalk: What shoes do you rock on the floor?

    I'm not a nurse, but my girlfriend is. And she will be getting a new job soon and will be needing new shoes for walking/running around on the floor. What shoes do you use for your 12+ hour shifts?
  4. onetruesoul

    Price check: Paranorman Foamposites

    Looking to sell sometime soon. Getting a price check on a pair of Nike "PARANORMAN" Foamposites Made for the Laika Paranorman movie release. SZ 12 New in Box Thanks in advance. EDIT: This is not a for sale post, I'm just curious about how much I should be asking for/expecting to get for...
  5. onetruesoul

    KD V? LeBron X? or Kobe?

    I've recently been training again on the basketball court just doing drills and such in order to get back into shape. I've been doing my training in Nike Lunarglide 3's and feel very little ankle support—they're great on the treadmill, just not for my days where I'm running...
  6. onetruesoul

    In Seattle

    I'm in Seattle for the next few days and want to know what good sneaker shops are worthy enough to visit out here?  All I know is some of the old spots like GOODS is out of business. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. onetruesoul

    eBAY auctions won...don't post live links

    Haven't seen one in the past few pages so I decided to revive it. AS IT SAYS IN THE TITLE, DON'T PUT LIVE LINKS AND BLOW UP AUCTIONS FOR OTHERS WHO MAYBE WATCHING IT. just won these...kinda stoked...had these back in HS
  8. onetruesoul

    Puma Clyde Skate

    Where can I find these...I know Puma has dabbed in the skate industry years ago, but I have never seen them in any skate shops.
  9. onetruesoul


    so how much are you guys paying in your neck of the woods I just paid $3.19 a gallon for 87 at the 76 station...jumped 6 cents from last night
  10. onetruesoul

    What shoe is this??

    I'm having the hardest time remembering the name of this crosstrainer. It's the one on the bottom right. I remember it coming in a box that had ALPHA on it like the AM120s and such. RAP SUCKS
  11. onetruesoul

    Rooted Movement...Pomona, CA. Better than Donhaoo's chicken

    My homie just opened a new store in the Pomona area so you Cal Poly Pomona heads have a new place to shop. Rooted Movement 108 locust st Pomona, CA Some of the things they carry: Nike, bape, triumvir, crooks & castles, etc. Here's their myspace Check him out on myspaceROOTED MOVEMENT :D...
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