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  1. lex starks

    Letter to my parents

    As I am graduating in the next couple of weeks and heading back home I felt it was time that Ilet loose this burden that I've been carrying on my back for the past 8 years. This is a letter that I wroteto my parents my sophomore year of college, that I never sent. I am writing to tell you...
  2. lex starks

    Since when did shaving your legs = homosexuality

    Let me get this straight, if you shave your legs you're a +%!#? Most absurd statement I've heard today. What is your stance on this?
  3. lex starks

    MediaTake Out steals from NT again vol. Who's the rat?
  4. lex starks

    Really though, why does this bs keep giving me a virus?

    Its a Yuku problem.
  5. lex starks

    Mascot FAIL

  6. lex starks

    This is why you lock your room doors when throwing a house party

    Crazy. Just got that from my boy's facebook. 
  7. lex starks

    How soon we forget

  8. lex starks

    Rick Ross ordered to pay DJ Vlad $300k

  9. lex starks

    The $@++@$ that brought down Eliot Spitzer makes Playboy

    Living the American dream.
  10. lex starks

    Important Blackberry Question

    I entered my password 5 times in an attempt to unlock it but each time it said that it was unsuccessful which is wrong because I entered the right password. Following that it said to enter blackberry. This has never happened before and I don't know if I'm facing a hack attempt or something else...
  11. lex starks

    NCAA 2009 Lacrosse Championship Rematch tonight: #2 Syracuse v. #10 Cornell

    This topic probably won't appeal to most of Sports and Training but tonight is the rematch of what was probably one of the best lacrosse games I've ever watched. Syracuse managed to steal victory from the jaws of defeat in overtime of the national championship versus Cornell last May. Emotions...
  12. lex starks

    President of Poland killed in plane crash

  13. lex starks

    President of Poland killed in plane crash

  14. lex starks

    Anyone here @*@% with YelaWolf?

    I became of fan of him following his performance at a Wiz Khalifa concert a few days back. After listening to his mixtape, Catfish Billy, definitely has another fan on lock. I'll be looking forward to his future projects and wish him nothing but success. Some people may say that I am reaching...
  15. lex starks

    Why do Apple iPod earphones suck? Real talk.

    I bought them a week ago and they have already begun to fall apart. The casing protecting connecting the wire to the jack is unraveling. I mean what the hell? Its like Apple purposely makes them with low quality to get you to buy more. My last set of earphones lasted 10 months before I had to...
  16. lex starks

    Gangbangers run amok in NYC. 54 Arrested.

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