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  1. JayDean03

    Nike Air Zoom Lebron 9 (FREEGUM) sz.13

    Shoes only worn less than a handfull of times, still in GREAT condition. Comes with OG box All Cali/Westcoast heads, please add $10 for shipping. I ship fedex, if you want USPS, let me know. Refs: IMASOLEMAN82, fenixconnexion, and many more, haven't sold shoes in years.
  2. JayDean03

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cameron Nelson!! #WOOO

    hbd fam
  3. JayDean03

    TMNT Movie Mistakes Vol. Puppeteer is visible

    never knew, all the 500 times ive seen the damn movie and haven't noticed except for when ralph got hit durin the hug
  4. JayDean03

    (Realtalk) How do you feel about some Public Schools NOT showing Obama's speech?

    Do you think there are racial undtertones against him? Whats your view on all this. I think it's ******ed at the fact that they dont want to see a black president on public school tv, but if it was McCain, it woulda been gravy .
  5. JayDean03


  6. JayDean03

    What is your next "must have purchase(s)"

    a new house 4br 2.5 bath
  7. JayDean03

    School me on Cruises to the Carribbean(sp) vol.3 hours left

    has anyone been on a Cruise to the Carribbean(sp)? whats it like onboard, dos and donts, etc... any help would be appreciated
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