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  1. biggerbizness

    Dressing better

    anyone own a pair of these? I wanna see how they look worn
  2. biggerbizness


    My opinion on the store is that I give credit to the owners for opening a shop, but wasn't really impressed on the selection of brands and pieces theychoose to sell. It seemed more marketed to a certain segment of customers, which isn't even that big in the Seattle area (IMO). I haven't...
  3. biggerbizness

    Official Brickbreaker thread. vol: couldnt find the old one.

    did the OP play the blackberry curve version like everyone else? That score seems impossible, haha.
  4. biggerbizness

    Official Brickbreaker thread. vol: couldnt find the old one.

    wow! i got my highest score today 27,830
  5. biggerbizness

    Why do you want your banned screen name back? Volume 3

    Banned sn = tonyt reason - tonyt is my sn for everything, forums, aim, log-ins, etc.
  6. biggerbizness

    Step Brothers

    Just saw this the other day for the first time. I slept on it, thinking it would be the same jokes from all the Will Ferrel movies, but this was one of thefunniest movies that I have seen.
  7. biggerbizness

    ***211 - Swing Ya Rag video (CTE West)***

    IS this a parody? Do people actually rap with their bandana on the mic or is this some parody of gangster rappers?
  8. biggerbizness

    Weather Thread: It's been TOO cold lately....

    I know a couple kids that graduated from Kentridge, didnt know that many people went there too
  9. biggerbizness

    Weather Thread: It's been TOO cold lately....

    you guys know Lynette Mina or My-Hanh from Franklin?
  10. biggerbizness

    A girl problem unlike any other...(No Pics)

    Does she not have a mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, etc that she can ask?
  11. biggerbizness

    Charles Hamilton, Overdoing it??? (Video)

    how old is dude? wearing headphones everywhere you go, sonic logo tees and sweaters and t-shirts over button ups -_-
  12. biggerbizness

    Charles Hamilton RESPONDS To Soulja Boy.... I WASNT Tryna To DISS Him!!!!!!!

    dude is one of the corniest rappers out right now.
  13. biggerbizness

    Well NT, I finally got my liscense, and pics of my first car- BMW 325i (O_o)

    This dude got the T-Pain blonde tips
  14. biggerbizness


    doyoung9, draw a bear fighting a cow right next to the time.
  15. biggerbizness

    Thanksgiving PYP Vol. BRB

    smh at the Thanksgiving Homeless Shelter Dinner set-up
  16. biggerbizness

    The Alchemist - Therapy (Feat. KiD CuDi, Evidence & Blu)

    I'm gonna expose dude at Vimby and get him fired this week!
  17. biggerbizness

    NT school me on PEA COATS (where to buy, prices, etc...)

    how much did that Burberry run you? Is it from this season?
  18. biggerbizness

    ☆☆☆ - ENTOURAGE Season 5 (Ep. 64): "Seth Green Day" 10pm ET - ☆☆☆

    where can I watch the preview for the next episode?
  19. biggerbizness

    PYP... Vol. Halloween Costumes

    I'm pretty sure that guy in the Obama costume didn't get beat up for that...
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