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  1. yamakazi18

    oahu, hawaii

    i'll be going to honolulu soon for a few days. i like really nature-y stuff, not so much of the malls and touristy things within the city. this will be myfirst time. i'll be visiting a few places, including diamondhead, hanauma bay, lanikai (eastside), PCC, pearl harbor, marketplace, KCC...
  2. yamakazi18

    NT's official photography contest/assignment #2 (updated 08.08.09)

    NEW DUE DATE FOR MORE SUBMISSIONS: due FRIDAY, August 14th ------- I apologize for being away for a month, I've been busy with a lot of assignments. However, this next couple of weeks I'm pretty chill in my schedule,so I decided to do the 2nd assignment now, instead of running away in the...
  3. yamakazi18

    Photography contest/assignment #1 (UPDATED 05.22.09: VOTING BEGINS PG. 11 - please VOTE!)

    edit 05.22.09 - the VOTING PROCESS has now BEGUN! let all your NT friends know, because the more votes the more fair it is!!! the voting RULESare posted below, as well as the post above the selected photos. it begins on page 11. THE THREE RULES OF JUDGMENT: -you may vote for ONE of the photos...
  4. yamakazi18

    anyone been to brazil?

    i'm going down to salvador, brazil at the end of august for a study abroad kind of thing with 10-15 other university students. being a photo enthusiast ireally want to bring my big dSLR camera and not resort to tiny handhelds, but the prevalent crime rate there has me wondering if i should...
  5. yamakazi18

    the "don't buy any clothes for the rest of april" support group

    i've bought waaaayy too much crap last month, smh at me for not budgeting my money right i know it's already the 2nd week of april, but i'mtrying to cut back on my superfluous expenses for the rest of the month. who else is with me in saving money and not spending anything...
  6. yamakazi18

    jeans sale (ends this weekend 4.06)

    denimbar is having a big sale, 30% off all stock with code THANKYOU, shipping is free via ups ground. i'm posting this here because i don't want to "blow up" this place, and thought i'd post it in the regionals for my fellow PNW NTers.anyway, for the guy who was looking for nudies, this is the...
  7. yamakazi18

    how do you answer the door when the postman comes?

    so i'm sitting here at home, waiting on 2 packages to be delivered. i've always thought about this, and i've always just waited until the postmandelivers the item, rings the doorbell, leaves, THEN i pick up my package from the doorstep and rush up to my room to open it sometimes if i'm...
  8. yamakazi18

    Do you lie about the cost of your clothing?

    in my closet i have a mix and match of stuff from goodwill and value village, to stuff from NM and bergdorf goodman. for the higher end costs, i will usually lie a bit and downplay the costs to my parents. i feel guilty telling them actual prices since even though they arenow pretty well off...
  9. yamakazi18


    i remember seeing some nice watches here, some of you have panerai's and such...expensive stuff. anyway post your watches! since i'm the OP, here's my collection. 1997 OG G-shock (found this last week in one of my drawers, just bought a new nylon band which is being shipped to my house)...
  10. yamakazi18

    are you smarter than a 5th grader? vol. kellie pickler

    i just love this show. check out some of this: "is europe a country?" how to spell watermelon: had me
  11. yamakazi18

    NT - check out what I found (PICS)

    So on a Friday night, with nothing to do, I decided to clean out one of my desk drawers. There was a whole bunch of crap, brought me down memory lane more thanonce. I eventually came upon this thing, one of the OG G-shocks! It was given to me as a present from my uncle in Japan when I was about...
  12. yamakazi18

    volunteering for the holidays?

    some friends and i were thinking of volunteering on thanksgiving/christmas, to prep/serve food at homeless shelters and the like. anyone know any places wherewe can look for this kind of thing? it would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any insight (experience, locations, websites, etc.). thanks!
  13. yamakazi18

    ballard - blackbird

    anyone else frequent this place? i have a $150 giftcard that i'm trying to let go for cash. someone please let me know if they want to shop there!!! Team Pacific Northwest
  14. yamakazi18

    M's game - postgame update p.6!

    so apparently, i did some incorrect calculations! i happened to re-check the pricing this morning, and tickets came out to be only $12 per person after taxes and fees and whatnot. SO, i am refunding the paypal people back $4 each, and the people that are paying me at the game, bring just $12...
  15. yamakazi18


    you did a good job. mariners are on an 8 game winning streak. welcome mac! who thinks mariners can make post-season this year? Team Pacific Northwest
  16. yamakazi18


    so i have to ride the bus to the west side every day across 520...and on the way back traffic is insane. there's NO air conditioning on the metros only on the community transit blue/white buses. yes, this is a rant. Team Pacific Northwest
  17. yamakazi18


    around 1pm today, at by george, was some dude with a red dead serious hoody. i seriously couldn't stop laughing. which one of ya'll was wearing this trash? :lol Team Pacific Northwest
  18. yamakazi18


    bellevue is 80% without power...and won't be for the next 2 days, apparently (on komo 1000). who else is in bellevue? i'm staying over at a friend's house in lynnwood in the meantime. some of my other friends are pretty hardcore, reading and stuff by candlelight. just a couple hours ago, i...
  19. yamakazi18

    seattle premium outlets - anyone go on black friday?

    i think i saw a few fat asian dude with a grn apple tree hoodie on, and some lanky white kid with him...anyone? :lol there were an insane number of FOBS...and i could tell that they're all from canada. stupid canadians stuffing up the lines and taking all the good sizes! >: the...
  20. yamakazi18


    who here has been there? i'm taking a group of 15 friends (so we get a group discount lol) there on monday, november 27th. how long does it take to get through the whole thing? i'm really looking forward to it. Sneakers are not just shoes. they're a kind of art. If it's good art people will...
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