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  1. techmen31

    Portland Sneakerheads Facebook Page

    Hey just to let you guys know, somebody created a FB page for Portland Sneakerheads. Its basically for buying/selling as a substitute for craigslist which is full of spam and fakes nowadays. Its also for general discussion about kicks and deals you can find around town. I'll personally be giving...
  2. techmen31

    Questions about shipping shoes?

    Hi I was just wondering what the average cost for shipping a pair of shoes is. Im looking to post some stuff in the buy/sell forum for the very first time. Also what is the procedure on recieving money through paypal? Thanks.
  3. techmen31

    Got an interview at NIKE next week!! Any tips from current employees??

    I just got the call from Nike after applying for years. I have a group interview next week. I am so stoked because I have seriously been wanting to work for Nike since I was 8 years old. I feel like I would be fulfilling a personal dream of mine even if its just a spot at a factory store. Do...
  4. techmen31

    Little Caesars Large Pepperoni or Cheese only $3 from 3 to 8 today only!

    Around my way anyway. Yall should call em up and see if it applies where you stay too...
  5. techmen31

    Shiekh @ Lloyd Center in Portland

    I was at Lloyd the other day and out of nowhere I see this huge sneaker store on the he first floor right next to the rink. Apparently Shiekh opened a new location right there inside of Lloyd. They had a nice selection of mens, womens and kids shoes and alot of models and colorways not found...
  6. techmen31

    **Tech N9ne**New album featuring Lil Wayne,Busta,Yelawolf,CeeLo and possibly Snoop,Minaj,Twista,Em

    For all you Strange Music fans out there check out his latest Ustream video where he talks about his new album, his new tour and everything else hes got going on. Notable Highlights - New tour starts in late April.  Doesn’t know who he will be touring with yet. - KABOSH is still coming...
  7. techmen31

    Nas at the Roseland tonight

    Yo. Whos goin to the Nas show tonight? I was supposed to go with some homies, but they're wack and didnt get any tickets...I'ma be postin up all by myself mad blunted.
  8. techmen31

    So I missed my court date...

    So I totally forgot that I had to go to court yesterday. I have this ticket for driving while suspended for $425. I was gonna get it dropped because it wasDMVs fault. Now I don't know what to do. I definitely don't have $425, and I'm pretty sure when you miss your date you get charged the full...
  9. techmen31

    School me on Sneaker design on Photoshop

    Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to draw on photoshop? Or is it usually sketches loaded by a scanner and then traced...? Anybody care to show a few tips?
  10. techmen31

    MLK Outlet

    Has a bunch of stuff for dirt cheap. Alot of samples. Clearance. Nice Jordan gear. Black Mamba Kobe 1 Lebron IVs Can't really remember what else.... and I did not see the Outlet post...whoops... TEAMlateNIGHT>MODERATOR<We Never Sleep...Unless There's School Tomorrow
  11. techmen31

    Taking a trip to Seattle...

    So I'm going up to Seattle this Saturday...I've got some questions... What shops are a must to hit up? Where is the cemetery with Bruce Lee, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix? Whats the big Pike Marketplace all about? Good places to cure the munchies that wont break my wallet? Other must sees...
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