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  1. ittakesalittlebitmore

    2 Year Old Chinese Baby hit & run, left for dead in busy street....

    One the most depressing things you'll ever see...humanity is truly finished No words 
  2. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Homemade Russian Bungee Jump.....Vol. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME...

    ...even if you're REALLY bored
  3. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Nowhere for a wheelchair racist to run...

    ....sorry if this is late. Tubby *!%*% deserves it. Woulda stolen her rims too
  4. ittakesalittlebitmore

    World toughest cat....*EVER*

    Lol @ the alligator for calling backup and getting told TWICE
  5. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Advanced Robotics 101.....

  6. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Christian shop manager talks robber out of robbery...

    Sorry if this is later than the second coming but.... for her staying so calm...dude obviously not cut out for this. I find her voice sexy as hell [/spoiler]
  7. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Photoshop request...could someone add a halo to this pic??

    Could someone add a halo to this pic, around his head? Dont ask....I have my reasons
  8. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Describe your nations people.....

    What the title says, bullet points please, clean and simple. I an' I will go first.... Jamaican *Works to live, never lives to work. *Likely to go to church or has done *Has the best/funniest accent of almost any nationality you can think of *Is loud and expressive *Is downright the most...
  9. ittakesalittlebitmore

    The OMEGLE Thread...

    Have random chat with random people about anything at all... Go here: OMEGLE Post your chat convos (keep it clean). I'd begin but I'm currently having a long convo with someone but she has a terminal illness...this aint no joke
  10. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Should I get revenge...Yay or nay??? (UPDATE PG 3)

    Cliffs: *Have problem roommate *Live in a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 other people *One is great (lived with her for 2 years), the other (new, who moved in just under a year ago) is some weird nightmare *Situations include ; Rude emails Shizoid accusatory letters Weird anti-social behavior when...
  11. ittakesalittlebitmore

    ASK AN ENGLISH GUY......Vol. Earl Grey, milk, 2 sugars

    What the title says, ask me about tea, the Queen, Wimbledon, girls, whatever.......and thus much hilarity will ensue
  12. ittakesalittlebitmore


    At the moment I'm looking for 2 new room mates and been contacted by lots of different nationalities. I have 2 questions; *What nationalities have you roomed with before and would you say it was positive? *I have 2 Colombian women coming next week to view the apartment, what are Colombians...
  13. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Got terminated from my office job - WHAT SHOULD I DOWNLOAD/BORROW/PRINT OUT??

    Basically my number is up and my job will be finished next Friday (11th Dec) but I can come into the office anytime up till January 4th to use theirfacilities for looking for another job including unlimited internet, unlimited priting up to A3 full colour or A0 black & white. I have access to...
  14. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Introducing....THE JACKSON JIVE, Vol. Bamboozled

    Racism rears its ugly head amongst some quarters this yet another thing to 'get over'....just read about this on the cover of my localdaily. Props for Harry Connick Junior calling a spade a spade
  15. ittakesalittlebitmore

    Yes, we all HATE the cops, but.....

    I swear to god, if I were a member of the police and I were in a high enough position I would be as bent as hell too. Was watching Street Kings the other night (dont be fooled, its dope) and the temptation to skim a little bit off the top here or there would be too great. Youcould make money...
  16. ittakesalittlebitmore

    **WHITE PEOPLE & FLIP FLOPS.....Vol. Abercrombie & Fitch**

    I see this too often. Flip flops with jeans? Flip flops with suits? Flip flops to the office...guys? Please stop this, life's a b itch not a BEACH....ok? ...and before anyone says anything.....its statiscally proven the blacks, asians, latins and all other groups DO NOT do this. What...
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