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  1. lorizzle

    Nike Bonded Pant 2016

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience/knowledge in regards to the following pair of pants. I can only seem to find them on END. They look pretty interesting with those two extra zipped pockets at the rear/side. Seems to be an update to the woven pant 2.0? But also kind of...
  2. lorizzle

    International Shipping?

    Hello NT Toronto Peeps, long story short... I didn't get the right size for my shoes, so I'm returning them. I have to send them to the UK... I've never sent anything bigger than an envelope, does anyone have any tips on how to send these shoes the fastest/cheapest way. Cheapest being more...
  3. lorizzle

    Resources on DJing History?

    What's up everyone? I hope this doesn't count as a "homework" thread per se, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good books/documentaries/etc. about the beginning periods of djing (or even just resources on djing). Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  4. lorizzle

    Computer Help: "Syncing" Files Between Computers?

    Hey all, was wondering if anyone knew of any ways to sync files between computers. So basically, I have school stuff on my laptop, but when I get home I'd rather use my desktop. Is there any way I can kind of sync up the files from my laptop to my desktop, so that I can continue working on...
  5. lorizzle

    Nike Canada... Exchange?

    Hey all, just a question for those in the know. So I bought a jacket today from the Nike Bloor location. I was on the fence between sizing (between a small and medium). They didn't have the medium, and I was in buy mode, so I was like I can do with the small. Fast forward to now, the small is...
  6. lorizzle

    21st c. Windrunner Advice

    Hey all, I recently bought the Olympic 21st C. Windrunner, such a slick jacket... However I found what seems to be a stain possibly a watermark? on one of the shoulders. I have not worn it or anything yet, and was just wondering what I should do? The location I bought it from (21st Mercer) had...
  7. lorizzle

    Receipts and verification

    Hey all. Sorry if this is something that has come up or is Common knowledge, but I'm in a rush to make this deal. In which case, the guy I'm interested in buying from (found on kijiji) says he can provide original receipt from champs for the shoes. Perhaps I have become too skeptical of the...
  8. lorizzle

    Fingerprint Scanner?

    NT'ers of Toronto, I implore you for your assistance. Does anybody have/know somebody who has a usb fingerprint scanner/reader that they wouldn't mind lending/selling? Kind of need it for a project. Will obviously pay for time if you choose to lend. Thanks.
  9. lorizzle

    Varsity/Letterman Jacket Cleaning?

    I'm not sure if I checked here before (sorry if I have), but does anyone know a place where I can get my varsity jacket cleaned. It's got them white leather sleeves (regrets), but yea wondering if I could get them a bit cleaned before the upcoming season. Holla. Oh yea, in the Toronto area. Thanks!
  10. lorizzle

    Lost My Coat Check Ticket....

    Anything I can do? Lady at coat check told me I have to wait for everyone to claim their !@*... but did not want to stay that long, that place sucked. She said I could also check back tomorrow? I'm not too familiar with this scenario, any input would be appreciated!
  11. lorizzle

    Penfield in T.O?

    Anyone know where to cawp some penfield in toronto? I've checked out a couple of their listed stockists... have yet to see anything. Anyhelp is appreciated. much thanks NT canada
  12. lorizzle

    House/Electro Heads, I need your assistance!

    Whatsup err'body? I haven't been into the music section of NT in years, so I don't know how much non hip-hop related talk goes on in here, but I figure I might as well give it a shot. I was wondering if anyone could identify the name of the first track to this mix. I have a feeling it's...
  13. lorizzle

    Get Better Quick Methods?

    How's everyone doing this fine-+#+ Saturday night? I was just wondering if anyone had any remedies for getting rid of a cold ASAP. I'm starting to feel ill and I've still got two exams to go, one on Monday, and one on Tuesday. What can I do to feel the best I can... well at least good enough...
  14. lorizzle

    Where to get leather jacket cleaned? (Toronto Heads)

    Pretty much what the title says. My varsity has white leather sleeves, could use a bit of cleaning up, not sure where to go, anyone know good places? thanks
  15. lorizzle

    Teflon Treated Clothing?

    Quick question, there's this jacket I really like, it says that it's teflon coated for water resistance. Does anyone know how good a teflon coating is? Like, for a trip around downtown on a rainy day, would it be enough to keep me dry? Thanks for the help guys!
  16. lorizzle

    What Should We Do? (Advice Thread)

    Whatsup NT? In a bit of a pickle right now and I'm not sure what my friends and I should do. So at the beginning of the year and old friend called me out and asked me to help him setup a charity concert. I liked the idea, and I felt like I could trust him cause I'm friends with his girl...
  17. lorizzle

    Pasalubong (sp?)?

    Hi ya'll. Just a quick question, my friend is going home to the Philippines soon and she doesn't know what to bring back her friends. We're from Canada if that helps. haha what should she get them? salamat!
  18. lorizzle

    Piano Players, I Need Ya'llz Help

    Hello NT, I'm looking for some piano related help (duh). I need to know how to figure out what chords to play on my left hand if I have a melody (this makes sense, right?). To further clarify, in most church hymn books, they only show you the notes for the right hand, how do I know what to do...
  19. lorizzle

    What Should I Do? (Looking for some life advice)

    Alright, so NT may not be the best place to look for some life advice, but w/e, some people on here are pretty knowledgeable folk, so I guess I might as welltry. Anyways, my problem is work experience. I am in my second year of biomed. engineering, and have none... Yes I am probably going to get...
  20. lorizzle

    Has anyone...

    ever played that arcade-prize game where you have to make a tower out of blue blocks? I'll try and find pics, but i've seen these machines at club 300,famous players stc, and wal-mart. The prizes for winning are , but then I think the machine cheats people,lol, anyone know what I'm talking...
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