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  1. importking

    *calling NT detectives * Friend gets robbed at gunpoint in a parking lot , Craigslist deal

    So basically Friend posts a AD for a ps3 bundle since he has one on the way & needs to set his priorities right.  Meet up at a busy shopping center , Has the bundle in the trunk & his baby sleeping in the back. The other guy pulls a gun to his head & said give it over there will...
  2. importking

    staying in seattle for a few days for a convention , *this weekend*

    Kind of last minute but I got the word that Im flying from SF to Seattle. I never ever been here & have no idea what to do or where to check out for drinks and dinner. I have a limit on meals that will be reimbursed from my company. Good bars to check out ? Restaurants ? anything going on...
  3. importking

    Best Fitted store in the city ?

    anything similar to ecapcity in the bay ? new to the area & i need some new fitteds & love to stay away from Lids. help ??
  4. importking

    Has anyone MOVED ACROSS COUNTRY ?? shipping frieght ? input & experiance please ?

    Hello Family & Happy Holidays to you all  I have the opportunity to transfer for work purposes to SF , CA  . I am originally from the MOCO suburb of Washington DC. I have begun to Purge & donate my belongings to local charity's ...But I have so much @%@! to move... no idea how to do so. I...
  5. importking

    ...This guy was looking at craigslist personal ad's to hook up......but instead finds his mom..

    holy basedgod So .. im on this forum I frequent.. & this dude got himself a messed up situation... I wonder how his mom is feeling at this moment !!
  6. importking

    Anyone familiar with ? Chime in please

    I am looking around for lodging on my California vacation, Cool thing that airbnb was actually started in SF, that's quite dope. any sites similar to airbnb ? anyone have past experiances ? some of the places they have are insane
  7. importking

    Do you tip the BEERMAN at sporting events ?

    Just asking, well curious. I never have but its always the same guy in the same sections. In conversations with my friends last night, the majority rule was that we do not tip. When its $6-8 bucks a beer, smh
  8. importking

    I got $95 what should i do with it?

    save it until when you do need it
  9. importking

    Holiday Potlucks & Parties at work............Unappreciation

    I hate these things here at my job.. 1. They consist of all older chatty woman, They either have children my age or Grandchildren in the same age group. 2. they are intensely boring , you sit around and look at each other. 3. the Halloween potluck sucked balls, They have a Halloween parade here...
  10. importking

    check out my lil homies TD run

    6 and under league
  11. importking

    Pinball Anyone ? :hat

    Was on Craigslist looking at something for the new crib , I came across some of my favorites. I never ever see Pinball machines anymore unless they are attacky bars. My Favorites as follows, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF , adams family, classic I think they had this up in...
  12. importking

    NT, Ever walked out on a check ??

    Tonight at work ( i work at pf changs btw ) This PARTY ! made reservations for 6. DRANK, ATE, DRANK. Ordered 4 bottles of Pinot Noir (Wild Horse) wine @ $37 a bottle. Ordered Fullcourse Meals, Round of App's , Steak, Sea Bass, Some prawns & mahi mahi, Desert The 3 guys at the party would...
  13. importking

    welp.. Just got that Laid off Letter...

    are the emotions right now mixed all in one. I had a meeting last week with the sup...she stated that she loves having me around and has nothing but good things to say about me. I should have a job untilOct. she told me that the Project Director say's I am too expensive and being a...
  14. importking

    Hows the Summer Intern lineup at your work ?? v. summer is here

    today is the first day, looking kind of weak. My boy got the internship at my job, im rooting for him to pull some breezy's. ( even tho they look real dull, im not gon rain on his parade) hows it looking at your job ? school ? or your internship ? i have a bb curve 8900 ... and it makes the...
  15. importking

    Your parents new gf or bf....V. WHy you simping ?

    My dad is dating some new chick, she is , shes nice and all, well educated, Career oriented (attorney) southern whitefemale...but few things bother me about her.. 1. She was previously married for 20 yrs. Shes in her mid 40's I believe ( no kids ) 2. They only been dating for a month.... And...
  16. importking

    Ever worked as bouncer/ security at a club ?? v. 2nd job

    just curious, share your input please? I'll share a background story, i have a 9-5 but in these economic times I am in search of a 2nd PT job for nights or weekends. Well my good friend since wewere lil kids got out of military and works security at one of the "popular" clubs in Washington...
  17. importking

    Recommend your favorite job search website

    i signed up for monster, it totally sucks. Been using as of late..and its very easy to use. ..just looking for others. thanks in advance, god bless. -JON
  18. importking

    Phrench Vanilla the myspace rapper

    I swear hes a niketalk
  19. importking

    Has anyone actually got a job from ??

    Sorry for the stupid post.... ...........But my mom told me/suggested I sign up for , Which I did. I applied for a position last week..Im quite eager, So I called the number onthe bottom of the job listing..which went to a voicemail, which told me it was full which told me it would...
  20. importking

    Would you share a hotel room with a CoWorker ? Vol. Is this dude snoring ??????

    My girl is going away for a few days for some conference for her job. Which is cool, She leaves Sunday evening ( conference begins Monday) and returnsWednesday afternoon/evening. .......This girl told me she sharing a room with her coworker ? da hell is that man, grown %#+ woman bunking...
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