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  1. gberdin

    Hopping from one relationship to another (update: pics)

    so basically im thinkin i always need a girl to be around . its happened 4 times discuss
  2. gberdin

    Is it just me or...

    on all the pyp threads all of a sudden NT has like 200 females chime in when there are like 3 that exist
  3. gberdin

    NT what are you sippin' tonight

    Still boycotting hard liquors so i stay with the.. and.. stayin casual tonight
  4. gberdin

    Being drunk 90% of the week appreaciation
  5. gberdin


  6. gberdin

    NT i just pooped my pants..

    literally and my girl did nothing but 
  7. gberdin

    Anyone ever work construction?

    i really do not wanna do this, but i can get in a union and make bank.. or at least way more than i make now. is it really that grueling? my cousin tells me its hard work 12+ hours a day monday through friday. 
  8. gberdin


    lookin for new job and something interesting. anyone got any ideas. I'm 20 btw 
  9. gberdin

    Best way to get your girl to have a three some

    seriously though
  10. gberdin

    Bout to not pass my class..

    i need 100% on the final that no one in the history of my teachers class has gotten over an 85% on. . hate this feeling 
  11. gberdin

    Anyone know how to fix this?! (headphones)

     no sound out of the right headphone (beats by dre)
  12. gberdin

    G37s or IS350?

    So i made a thread about the is350 and mustang gt.. the mustang is now out my dad didnt confirm an american car. i'm being patient and lookin at all my options. As of now i have 2 choices.... Infiniti G37S or IS350 i know nothing about G's though and i know NT owns about 90% of G's on the...
  13. gberdin

    NT I need help buying my mother a bday gift Vol. no i'm not buying her tree

    my mom's birthday is april 20th and i am a bad son and didnt buy her anything yet. any ideas.. she pretty much is a "girly girl" and "young spirited"
  14. gberdin

    What are some websites where you can sell used cellphones?? i need to get ride of my blackberry

    ebay,craigslist..lets think logically
  15. gberdin

    IS Series or Mustang GT

    bout to trade my 08 accord coupe for either an 07-09 IS 250/350(depending on a deal i get) or a 2010 Mustang GT. I'm really torn in the middle these 2 cars are kinda way different i know but both have things i want 
  16. gberdin

    NT School Me On Shipping Transactions

    NT this may be the dumbest thing ever asked, but how do you guys do shipping transactions. I wanna ship some Motorsport 6's but i dont have paypal and do not want to be a victim of fraud. let me know please. thanks in advance
  17. gberdin

    Iphone for a BB vol. another one

    so would you say its an even trade to trade my Used White Iphone 3gs for a brand new BB Bold 9700 and some cash like 75$?
  18. gberdin

    The KKKKKK

    Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, Kris, Khloe/thread
  19. gberdin

    NT Lets talk tattoos in the professional work field.

    im sleeving my left arm but have nothing past my elbow and was thinking of crossing it. have any of you guys had experience with this. I'm becoming aFirefighter by the way..
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