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  1. mrshoeman

    Heading to Portland!

    I'm going down there on August 10th-13th. And I have no idea what there is to do there. Any suggestions? Like sight seeing, beaches, carnivals, goodplaces to eat of course! Festivals, hangout spots, anything fun pretty much.
  2. mrshoeman

    Car heads I need help. Which would win.

    Ok so i was in a huge argument today about which car would win in a quarter mile. The cars are a 5.0 mustang GT with just a flowmaster nothing special. and theother car is a Honda hatchback EG with GSR. I dont know anything about cars so which one would you think would win in a quarter mile? i...
  3. mrshoeman

    Random Girls adding you on Myspace (PICS)

    Does anyone else get this?! i mean they aren't spam or anything, they are jus girls from other states trying to talk to you....i mean am i on drugs?! isthere something on my page that brings out attention?! its nice because there are a couple of ladies that arent bad but still....i dont know...
  4. mrshoeman

    Where can i find a place that sells hookah pipes?

    its not for me....because i just roll up, i dont do that hookah crap.its a gift and i need to know where i can pick one up around seattle.any help would be fine, Thanks
  5. mrshoeman

    My first customs Need Feedback

    i dont have any other pictures because my camera ran outta batteries. this is the only pic i have... they were originally AM90s but i painted over the swoosh with black (alot of coats so that it looks patent leather) and i painted the toe gray and used a soughdaring gun or however u...
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