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  1. tsikenjoy

    happy birthday carlofromdapi!

    hapi bertdey bro! 
  2. tsikenjoy

    need help identifying and locating this jacket...

    Hi NT , just wanted to ask some help identifying/locating this jacket, any help would be appreciated, I also dont know if it's the right forum...  thanks
  3. tsikenjoy

    Happy Birthday Carlofromdapi!

    Pre maligayang bati!! Enjoy your day... inuman na!!!
  4. tsikenjoy

    Golf Anyone??

    hi guys, i'll be back home mid april to mid may, just want to ask if anybody can play golf with me? or can hook me up to play golf there, eto kicker.. alaako gamit sa pinas sayang box ko kung bitbit ko golf equipment eh...reply here or pm me if you can help me out...thanks.....
  5. tsikenjoy

    Some Pacquiao first round KO'S

    saw this in pacman forum..thought i'd share
  6. tsikenjoy

    any info on these????

    does anyone have any info on these??? thanks
  7. tsikenjoy

    Is this jollibee toy easy to find?

    hi guys i need some info, is this toy easy to find? is it readily available to pirchase at jollibee?? thanks for any help
  8. tsikenjoy

    Meron ba may connect dito sa sikat na PAINTER?

    hi guys just want to ask if anybody here has connects(kamaganak, kakilala, kaibigan, pinsan ng aso mo yung pusa nila etc) sa mga sikat at magagaling na pinoyna pintor? Like Mark Justiniani, Elmer Borlongan, Malang, Magsaysay-Ho, kung sinosino pa, I've asked a few already thru pm but...
  9. tsikenjoy

    Pacman nike commercial

    nasingit si kobe, federer, sharapova, etc, sa commercial ni pacquiao
  10. tsikenjoy

    interesting article about buying sneakers
  11. tsikenjoy

    WOWOWEE ulit!!!!

    i guess yung iba sa inyo nakita na ito....update lang sa wowowee incident sa wilyonaryo, lam ko deny si willy na maykinalaman sya dun sa fiasco, well watch this para sa mga nagtatanggol kay willy wehehehe �
  12. tsikenjoy

    New Store in LINDEN NJ, KICKS USA now open!

    for those who lives in new york new jersey area, there's a new store that opened in Linden New Jersey, they are called KICKSUSA....they have good selection of sneakers and might want to check it out, i stopped by there today and im just helping out spread theword.. they are...
  13. tsikenjoy

    WOWOWEE!!!!!!! :eek :eek :eek :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :rollin :rollin :rollin Team PhilippinesMember No.58
  14. tsikenjoy

    shoe spots in seoul korea?

    hi i need a little help, a good friend of mine is heading to seoul korea, i need some great spots to check out....any help would be greatly appreciated...salamat Team PhilippinesMember No.58
  15. tsikenjoy

    Filipino inmates does thriller

    :lol :rollin :lol :rollin :lol :rollin Team PhilippinesMember No.58
  16. tsikenjoy

    A Filipino NT'ers experience in a sneaker battle...

    hi there nt philippines, on june 23 we joined a sneaker competition, it's called isb, international sneaker battle, we applied to join a week ago and luckily got in, but of course too short for preparation and we dont have any experience with such things. just to let you know, not all of the...
  17. tsikenjoy

    need help finding filipina barbie doll

    hi just needed some info where I can find filipina barbie? I see a lot on evilbay but they seem overpriced, my brother is there now... he tried to find some in makati... did not see any... any info would be greatly appreciated.... Team PhilippinesMember No.58
  18. tsikenjoy

    My Ultimate Lebron James experience NYC see pg2 update

    enjoy! Team PhilippinesMember No.58
  19. tsikenjoy

    help.. spots in japan?

    hi my friend is going to japan (sasayaw), i know there's spots there where you can buy OG's...especially my size 7.5 lol....anybody knows the place? name of store? or number... any info......thanks in advance Team PhilippinesMember No.58
  20. tsikenjoy

    1st Pinoy in top tier US College ball :hat :hat :hat Team PhilippinesMember No.58
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