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  1. feathertouch29

    Congratulations Viloria and Donaire!!

    Nice bouts. Congrats. Same goes to Cuello.
  2. feathertouch29

    New white/black Flight '89 out in the US?

    Have these been released in the US yet? In which stores? Thank you.
  3. feathertouch29

    Next Candace? 12 year old girl banned from boys' league

    Mods, do delete if already posted. *23ska edit* Dang it, I edited the title to make it more clear what the topic was about, and I accidentally deleted the clip you had, so you'll have torepost it. *ft29 edit* Reposting the vid.
  4. feathertouch29

    Nike Golf Sale

    Just got news that there is an ongoing Nike Golf products sale at the NBC tent Fort Bonifacio. Do not know until when. Discount from 20% to 50%. I was toldthat Dri-fit shirts will be sold at P500 and Tiger Woods shirts will be sold at P1K on Sat 12 - 1 and on Sun 2:45 - 3:45 pm.
  5. feathertouch29

    Sports Central Sportswear Sale

    Megatrade Hall, May 22-24, sportswear at 70% off.
  6. feathertouch29

    Sisig Queen Is Dead.

    I do not know her personally. Only met her a couple of times. Ate their Sisig countless times. Avid beer drinkers like me might feel they have lost something. May she Rest In Peace.
  7. feathertouch29

    Suede cleaners locally?

    What locally available suede/nubuck cleaners do you use? From what store? Thanks.
  8. feathertouch29

    The new Ford E-150 is out!

  9. feathertouch29

    Happy birthday Bigballer23

    Bro, have a great one!
  10. feathertouch29

    50 Hottest Women In Sports Not official, but worth the "read". Btw, no pole vaulting jokes please.
  11. feathertouch29

    Restos in HK recommendations?

    Been to HK lately? What restos serving authentic Chinese cuisine would you recommend? A little review if possible. Thanks.
  12. feathertouch29

    Questions about the AF3 Premium WP

    When did it come out in the US? Is it still available in stores? US$120 is still the SRP, right? Thanks. sapatos yan, hindi trophy (Team Back Spasms)
  13. feathertouch29

    Proline Updates

    The shop Proline now carries Nikes. (Yes, it is the same store that has those "Kobe" shoes.) At Megamall, Zoom Soldiers - white with gold & black trims - at 30% off. Mods, move if you think the store does not need its own update thread. sapatos yan, hindi trophy (Team Back Spasms)
  14. feathertouch29


  15. feathertouch29

    PhilMUG Nike+ Challenge

  16. feathertouch29

    Make your own Havaianas 2007

    I know that, like my wife, some of you guys are crazy about these "tsinelas". sapatos yan, hindi trophy (Team Back Spasms)
  17. feathertouch29

    Happy Birthday Bigballer23.

    May you have bigger balls, pare! Have a great one! sapatos yan, hindi trophy (Team Back Spasms)
  18. feathertouch29

    Black Nubuck Flight '89?

    Insiders, do you guys know if it will it be released locally? Thank you. sapatos yan, hindi trophy (Team Back Spasms)
  19. feathertouch29

    Snow caps/beanies?

    Guys, any idea what stores carry snow caps/beanies around the Ortigas and Makati area? My Iranian wifey needs some. Thanks. Something like these: sapatos yan, hindi trophy (Team Back Spasms)
  20. feathertouch29

    Philippines, you have Paypal!

    Paypal Worldwide Philippine residents can now send money using Paypal. As of now, it is only for sending, no options for receiving funds yet. Now, you guys can go on an evilbay buying spree! sapatos yan, hindi trophy (Team Back Spasms)
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