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  1. toliveanddieinnj

    Someone opened an envelope addressed to me. What are my options?

    I had a family friend who is a letter carrier tell me he can tell the difference between a check and say a $50 in a bday card, always told us never mail cash.
  2. toliveanddieinnj

    Underwater Nightclub NYC

    Just a techno marine commercial but during it all I could think was sponsored by OtterBox.
  3. toliveanddieinnj

    Which Phone Carrier do you have? Any suggestions?

    I have Verizon, and my work phone is Sprint, which has very spotty coverage even in metro NJ.
  4. toliveanddieinnj

    NT, what is your longest relationship? Vol. with a woman

    28, approaching 5yrs with her, just can't wrap my head around marriage.
  5. toliveanddieinnj

    Life Isnurance Topic

    Swooshallday is correct, Insurance has evolved thanks to changes in the tax code, to help Americans save for retirement. You can buy policies that you will pay into, knowing you'll never let it reach maturity. You will take the penalties and still be on a nice amount of cash. For example pay in...
  6. toliveanddieinnj

    How do you guys battle the sweat during summer NT?

    I sweat walking from my front door, to my driveway when it's hot. Yet, I'll see the Indian dudes at work, on the walking trail, dry as a bone. I think it's just an environmental thing in terms of where you hail from, and there isn't much you can do, except wear cotton, and use powder.
  7. toliveanddieinnj

    Started a t-shirt line, would love feedback.

    I'm feeling it. Good work man. More than most these jokers can claim. That motherland shirt, is a nice concept. Love over $ is cool. Props.
  8. toliveanddieinnj

    Yall using one towel every few days or a different towel everyday when showering?

    I use a terrycloth, bathrobe, to take the stroll from the bathroom to my bedroom. After I take that off I'm fairly dry. I stand in front of my fan to get my air dry on. Squat down, dry the boys, apply the baby powder, and carry on. I get a fresh towel, prob every 4th shower.
  9. toliveanddieinnj

    What fun perks do you have at work?

    No crazy perks. Work from home, here and there. I don't take advantage as much as I could/should. Reimbursed for a lot of expenses. A lot of free product. Nothing else really.
  10. toliveanddieinnj

    I have to go to court this ok to wear?

    Add a tie, shows respect, changes the way they view you.
  11. toliveanddieinnj

    Pic Request: Two dudes who have starched up saggy jeans with creases on em.

    I remember when this pic started circulating, someone from Houston, got so tight, that we were rippin on em. Talking about, "thats how we do it down here, ya'll don't know nothing, bout H-Town."
  12. toliveanddieinnj

    Next time your ready to team raw her or wife her up, you better think twice!!!!

    How ugly, does someone need to be, to call that a dime?
  13. toliveanddieinnj

    Gas being under 4 dollars appreciation! Vol. only for the moment

    3.19 last night, when I bought gas in Central NJ. I need premium so I was at 3.45. but stll very doable, compared to what we were feeling. I wish it would settle at about 2.75. I'd be good.
  14. toliveanddieinnj

    Octomom update - she went down that road.

    Theres no way she delivered 8 babies at once. Def had a C section, the other six, idk. Her stomach skin is crazy though on close up photos. If i had nothing else and was mentally unstable likethis chick, id shake for some dough, believe that.
  15. toliveanddieinnj

    Serious question, do you think girls should wear thongs/g-strings everyday?

    Unless she is wearing a dress or a skirt, or it is winter my gf doesnt rock panties.
  16. toliveanddieinnj

    And another one Vol. HS teacher

    Chick just looks demented.and Cudi's melon to body ratio is just crazy.
  17. toliveanddieinnj

    UFO Sighting!!?? Vol. Way too close for comfort...

    Its. A lockhead martin protype. Had a police escort, to a base. Lots of pics out there.
  18. toliveanddieinnj

    Best buy 100% extra trade credit for games.....

    $24 for Arkham City, when I copped for $30 on Black Friday. Say wordddd.
  19. toliveanddieinnj

    Fellas and ladies, what's the deal breaker for you for the opposite sex?

    Thank you, my gf of 5yrs does it when she's tired, and doesnt understand why it irks me so much. The noise straight disgusts me.
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