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  1. kicksfiend

    Niketalk, What's something you wish somebody would program?

    Was burning with a couple programmers earlier and the topic of programming web/mobile apps came up. It seems knowing a lot of programming doesn't help you figure out what people actually need programmed. Just wondering what ideas people had. If you don't want your brilliant idea "stolen", just...
  2. kicksfiend

    Secretive Christian Group of Conservative Lawmakers Building a 'God-Led' Government

    The Family: Secretive Christian Group of Conservative Lawmakers Building a 'God-Led' Government
  3. kicksfiend

    America is ******ed...
  4. kicksfiend

    Anybody on here interested in Quantitative Finance?

    I'm still an undergrad but I'm hoping to get into a Masters in Financial Engineering program if I decide to go to grad school. Anyone here in or trying to get into the field?
  5. kicksfiend

    Selling Cheap Textbooks to College Students

    If someone were to come across a few terabytes of textbooks in PDF format, could there be any negative repercussions to selling the PDF files to college students? It seems innocent enough (other than the obvious intellectual property issues) and it's not like you'd be selling adderall or...
  6. kicksfiend

    School me on LIVING in Chicago

    I'm considering moving to Chicago for a year for business. Occasionally I'll need to be able to get to the Loop (CBOE, CME, etc.) but I have no reservations about living in other parts of the city. I plan on smoking a lot in my spare time so I'll probably be interested in where the Washington...
  7. kicksfiend

    Best Jobs In America

  8. kicksfiend


    V.5 was fire... V.5 Download Everyone already knows the first single... The freestyles are fire... I'm from Jamaica, Queens so of course I'm going to be biased but I know I can't be the only one excited about the Hunger For More 2
  9. kicksfiend

    Inmate escapes from prison to pick up a pack of cigarettes...

    Inmate slipped out of prison to buy cigarettes, officials say Cliffnotes: Inmate escaped more than 70 times to buy cigarettes and other contraband from Walmart... and then returned to prison.
  10. kicksfiend

    PAID IN FULL APPRECIATION POST vol. "I got a G for every bump on your face!"

    Every year on my birthday I smoke and watch this movie. Just finished watching it. Definitely appreciated. There are too many quotables to list.
  11. kicksfiend

    POST YOUR FAVORITE NEWS ANCHOR VOL: I'm in love with Margaret Brennan

    Her name is Margaret Brennan. She's a reporter for Bloomberg (she has a show duringmarket hours called In Business with Margaret Brennan). Not only is she sexy as hell but she's smart and knows finance. She's perfect.
  12. kicksfiend

    Mods, Delete Please

  13. kicksfiend

    AT&T iPhone Question

    So I broke my screen on my Edge iPhone (old one). My contract ends in December and I want to switch to a Blackberry (possibly on another service). I picked upanother Edge iPhone and I'm wondering if I could just switch sims into the new one and get service or if I'd still have to extend my...
  14. kicksfiend

    Do some girls plan to be stay at home moms?

    So I spent the last 2 hours talking to a female cousin I rarely see (her family just came to visit NYC). She's about to be a senior in high school. She haslow grades, no extracurriculars, a 1600 on her SATs (chill, that's out of the 2400 not 1600). I asked her what her prospects were and she has...
  15. kicksfiend

    How can I make a gif?

    ^ I'm looking to convert a video into a gif. Anyone know a good program I could use? Thanks in advance.
  16. kicksfiend

    School Me On Northeastern University

    Ok so I just got my acceptance letter from Northeastern University and I realize that I know almost nothing about the school. Now I was allowed to apply to up to 7 schools and I basically applied there on a whim just to fill up all 7. However I received generous financial aid and even an...
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