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  1. ddot7

    Lethargy = Sizzurp?

  2. ddot7

    Experience with PayPal disputes? Sketchy eBayer

    Long story short, I paid for something ($250ish) on eBay, the seller BSed me and said he shipped it to the wrong address...2 weeks later he offers me a refund,tells me to file a claim with PayPal. He can't just issue it because his account is "limited". He also sold at least two of the same...
  3. ddot7

    South Carolina @ NC State - 1st (JV) game of the year, 7pm on ESPN

    Anybody tuning in to watch these two mediocre teams? I don't give a ++!# who's playing, I'm just excited for some college football. NC State wins 27-23
  4. ddot7

    Clemson @ #24 FSU - Bowden Bowl X Oh, wait...

    A chance to make it 4 in a row, despite the fact that we're terrible Tommy probably tried to give some inside info to Bobby until he realized he didn't even understand the offense. FSU - 27 Clemson - 24
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