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  1. sshanique

    What would make a guy interested in a girl he was not initially interested in? Vol. Keepin' it rea

    I know this girl who regularly crossed paths with this guy for several years, and he just recently started dating her.  I'm wondering why he did not ask her out sooner.  Was he not attracted to her all those years or what?  If you've been in a similar situation, what brought about the change of...
  2. sshanique

    Does anybody know how to get rid of the Win32 virus?

    I clicked delete threat, but I don't think anything happened.  Please help.
  3. sshanique

    Lock please.

    If so, how did you handle it?
  4. sshanique

    Generally speaking, does a man normally get friskier after he gets drunk?

    I think my boss is trying to get me into some &*%!
  5. sshanique

    If they're not married, they're single. Vol. Do you follow this philosophy?

    NTers, when there's someone you have your eye on and that person starts dating or gets into a relationship with someone else, do you continue to be nice/campaign, with the thought in mind that the person will eventually be single again?  Or do you see that person as off limits?
  6. sshanique

    When a girl asks to see your tattoo...

    how do you normally respond?
  7. sshanique

    Do you judge girls based on how their moms look?

    There's a guy who broke up with his girlfriend, and among the reasons he listed for the breakup was he saw what her mom looked like and knew she would look like that in about 20 years.  What do y'all think of this?
  8. sshanique

    What are the effects of gassing a guy or girl?

    Since NTers like to throw around this term so much, I'm interested.
  9. sshanique

    So the arts & crafts guy sent me a message on facebook today.

    It was really out of the blue.  Maybe he saw me this weekend when he was walking in the cold, and I drove past him.  I thought about stopping but didn't. I didn't think he saw me anyway.  He sent this message:  "So you're done with Law School huh? I hate that you hate me."  This also leads me to...
  10. sshanique

    If a guy from your past keeps in contact with you, do you think it means he wants a relationship?

    *sigh* I just had a conversation with my ex-boyfriend who I thought was married.  He was engaged to an Indian girl back in 2007, so I thought they would be married by now.  I went for years without talking to him after our break-up and then in 2007, I decided to talk to him again via e-mail and...
  11. sshanique

    Do you know of an auto place that makes "house calls?"

    I went to the grocery store last night, and when I came out 10 minutes later, my car wouldn't start.  I walked home.  Now, I need to get my car start, because I have to go to work tonight.  I called my dad, and he told me to get someone to come out and check the car.  The problem is, I don't...
  12. sshanique

    Update p. 14 Does this guy have a right to complain? Vol. Help a sista out.

    There's this guy I know, the guy I was talking about in the Ric Flair thread.  I see him at my work or at his work.  One day I was at his job, and he asked when we were going to go out.  I was surprised that he asked but didn't really give an answer, so he asked if I wanted to go out.  I said...
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