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  1. retrofighterusaw

    Las Vegas: Vet LOST my dog! PIC If you have any information...

    His name is Crusher Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund mix Was last seen in Henderson, around Valle Verde and Sunset. Stupid *@+ Vet lost him  5/30/2011 NT help me if youre in the area! Contact me at 510-584-1232 Reward will be given Crusher (on the right) and his sister Bella
  2. retrofighterusaw

    Car Question, Car won't start! Honda Civic 93 DX

    The car cranks but doesn't start: Changed the main switch relay and distributor already. Im out of ideas. What do you guys think it is?
  3. retrofighterusaw

    So i went to the barber to get a dark caesar & Pics from the Blueprint 3 tour, Palms Pearl Las Vegas

    So it's a Saturday here in Las Vegas and i figure i better look good for the BluePrint 3 concert at the Palms. All he did was cut me up with a 1.5 blade and line me up in the front. Dude didn't even get my neck. he did get around my ears though. Is this how you're supposed to cut a casear...
  4. retrofighterusaw

    Getting a new acoustic electric guitar? Nt what you jammin wit?

    I'm considering getting another Fender, because of sound and price. If there's another brand with great sound and bang for my buck. please let me know
  5. retrofighterusaw

    Anyone ever use Peerguardian 2?

    Anyone tried this? Is it safe?
  6. retrofighterusaw

    Chris Brown doing Michael Jackson. What is this move?

    I see Michael Jackson do this all the time but never knew the name. What is this called? at the :30 second mark 
  7. retrofighterusaw

    What HD Media Player/External Hard Drive do you have? Thinking about getting an ASUS o Play!

    I don't know much about which media player trumps what but the ASUS had good reviews. I just want the best and latest media player around. What do you guys suggest?
  8. retrofighterusaw

    To all my Japanese heads Vol. What is this food?

    The girl in the black eating out of that big ol bowl.
  9. retrofighterusaw

    How much will i get back if i made about 16k last year? Vol. Taxes

    I lived in CA Federal exemptions: 2 State exemptions: 1 I usually do 1040 EZ I haven't copped that Turbotax yet. what do you guys think?
  10. retrofighterusaw

    This chick Erika David Got it Goin on

  11. retrofighterusaw

    Anderson Silva boxing some dude... lol check out 6:26

    LoL at the beginning when dude asked if he was a cage fighter. but look at anderson ripping this dude's head off.. sorry if this is late. i dont think anyone posted this.
  12. retrofighterusaw

    Just found this video on Facebook. lol Vol. Is this what guys do when they reach Vegas?

    sorry i dont know how to embed =(
  13. retrofighterusaw

    Any of you guys try painting your own car?

    I have a beater car and want to experiment. Have any of you guys painted your own car at home? Any tips?
  14. retrofighterusaw

    Do Fedex deliver on Saturday?

    Just as the title states. thanks.
  15. retrofighterusaw

    Anyone have FTA? What's all the equipment to have this?

    Anyone have this satellite service? Is this legal? Do people get busted for this? if so, how come there haven't been any crackdowns on this? Moreimportantly, what are all the equipment i need to get this?
  16. retrofighterusaw

    Know anyplace i can get a driver for my PS3 sixaxis to my 32/64bit pc?

    So i'm super cheap so instead of buying a ps3 i decided to buy the controller and now i need a driver to hook it up to my pc. I've tried MotionJoy butthat doesn't work... any suggestions?
  17. retrofighterusaw

    T-Mobile SUPER SATURDAY April 25th 2009 Bay Area!!!

    Hey guys its Super Saturday at T-mobile today so come in today and get a good deal on a phone! I work at T-mobile Bayfair in San Leandro, so come in and askfor Retrofighter!
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