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  1. ncjamn

    Official Miami Heat (4) vs OKC Thunder (1) NBA Finals Thread - Miami Heat NBA Champions

    I can't me mad at this guy after seeing this gif. He worked his %$* off for that trophy. He definitely earned it.
  2. ncjamn

    So who was/is the best quarterback drafted in the 2004 nfl draft?

    I hate to say it but it has to be Eli. Dude is clutch when necessary.
  3. ncjamn

    What team's fanbase do you take the most pleasure in watching suffer?

    Lakers, Jets, Giants (NFL) and Yankees. I love when they fail. Any NY or LA team
  4. ncjamn

    Official Celtics vs. Sixers Playoffs Series Thread (BOS wins 4-3) On to the ECF...

    This guy is a liability. They need to shut him down. He's not doing anything out there.
  5. ncjamn

    Official Celtics vs. Hawks Playoffs Series Thread (BOS wins 4-2) vol. TheSwagOfSweetJones

    We have Miami's number too so you never know.
  6. ncjamn

    John harbaugh Vol. Spygate

    Why can't people understand this?
  7. ncjamn

    How much you dropping for that engagement ring?

    I paid $2000. 10-15K for an engagement ring? That seems like a bit much, If you have the money, why not.
  8. ncjamn

    Wow, can it get worse for the saints? Saints Loomis electronically easdropping on visiting coaches

    This X1000. I know bring up the Saints when people mention Spygate.
  9. ncjamn

    Cracker Barrel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IHOP, but IHOP got free pancakes TODAY (2/28)

    Cracker Barrel Biscuits and Gravy>>>>>>> That's all I eat when I go there.
  10. ncjamn

    Im 22 and im losing my hair FML...

  11. ncjamn

    Official 2011-2012 Boston Celtics Season Thread 4-20 @ATL (37-26) ATLANTIC CHAMPS

    Checking in. Don't really post a lot in these threads. I just enjoy the comments/arguments
  12. ncjamn

    Dominican Soap Asap? carried by major retailers?

    This #%$+ is the truth   
  13. ncjamn

    Son got the 'Ol Ape Arms Vol. 16 y/o with 7'9 wingspan

    That pic looks Photoshopped. crazy
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