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  1. tommycap06

    Yeezy 2 Legit Check

    Please help!
  2. tommycap06

    Official (?) Society 6 Thread /POST YOUR ARTWORK/#expressyoself/

    So recently, Ive been uploading some of my black book sketchings up on instragram (@tcap_ /shameless plug). To my surprise, I receveived some really good feedback from not just my friends, but random people through hashtag searches. From there people started hyping me up to sell my art as t...
  3. tommycap06

    Dude trollin on eBay...

    Saw this and was dyin'. Had to share.. Original auction Not sure if the description or the shipping is funnier... .... At least he was donating 10%
  4. tommycap06

    Travis Barker's Rock Remix to Crank Dat

    Dude is a monster.. sounds 10x doper than the original beat.. YOOUUUUU Tube Sorry if this was already posted..I didnt see it -tCAP* TeamAMFam Looking to buy: Nike Maharishi Terminator Sz 10.5-11
  5. tommycap06

    POST YOUR INSOLES!! Vol.Under Appreciated Art

    Ive been on here for a while now and have yet to see a thread dedicated to the insole. Alot of shoes have some sick insole art work and I WANNA SEE THEM!!! Post up.. I will start with some of my favs.. Lakai Telford Rob Welsh Newports Nike Trainer SC Urban Samurai Stash Blue AF1 Adidas Pro...
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