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  1. airave

    Jordan 13 “Tiffany” / Island Green, Nov 16, 2019

    ^^ those!! Boy that is what needs to be released!! Black on black joints go!!
  2. airave

    Air Jordan 6 DMP "Black/Metallic Gold" January 25th, 2020 | Price: $200

    I rather grab another 06 pair. Quality won’t be close to the same
  3. airave

    Air Jordan 4 WMNS “Mushrooms” September 2019

    What? Better than masters imo ‍♂️
  4. airave

    Let’s talk about this.

    This!! That is all. “Older” heads always just wanted dope colorways. It was never about being limited or COST. Just bc something cost a lot doesn’t make it fly.
  5. airave

    Air jordan 5 top 3 mock up 2020

    I think this idea only works with the Is
  6. airave

    JB creating a new "True to da OG" collection?

    Let’s find the source and end him lol
  7. airave

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Mannnn that blue is gonna fade over time :smh:
  8. airave

    Air Jordan 1 High "Satin Black Toe" - August 17th

    Question.. if you got your size, do these still fit like your size? Because I’m an 11 TTS, but I grabbed the reptile 12s in a 12 (10.5), they didn’t feel like a 10.5. I have a pair of 2013 black toes in a 10.5 and they’re just a little more snug than a 11. The 12s seem like the arch is higher...
  9. airave

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Probably gonna be a StockX buy. Depends on the numbers. I don’t wanna pay retail. And JB might give it a new nickname down the line with all leather
  10. airave

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Ish gone get ashy over time and cleaning them
  11. airave

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Probably in the minority but wish they were all leather
  12. airave

    CONFIRMED: Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey August 2019

    About time!! Been waiting on these for a whileeeeee. We been getting pictures of 11s for December and nothing in between. 2 please..
  13. airave

    Air Jordan 6 DMP "Black/Metallic Gold" January 25th, 2020 | Price: $200

    I wouldn’t. You not gone get that durabuck/quality again. I rocked those ASAP!! They might crumble now though. I’d still cop this pair too.. me personally
  14. airave

    Jordan 4 Air max 95 neon green

    And cool greys....
  15. airave

    Air Jordan V retro OG - Nike Air - Silver tongue - March 2020

    I just hope they soften the leather
  16. airave

    Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

    These are better than 2012s but I still feel underwhelmed for this to be one of my favs.. I can’t be alone on this lol
  17. airave

    Yellow Ferrari 14s Summer 2019?

  18. airave

    Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

    I understand the complaints and the differences are subtle but obvious. But also, at what point do you think we’re going to get, if ever, exactly what’s wanted? JB has zero incentive to give a 100% exact replica ESPECIALLY when the shoe is guaranteed to sellout. JB is going to continue to make...
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