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  1. bay area shoehead

    so im heading to the BAHAMAS....?!

    Paradise Island/Nassau to be exact ...what are some must do's for NTers who have been there? i have no idea what to expect.
  2. bay area shoehead

    What to do in MIAMI????

    headed to Miami next week! coming from all the way across the country i know NOTHING of what to expect lol...any recommendations for spots to check out?..clubs?..bars?..restaurants?..any info is good!
  3. bay area shoehead

    BAY AREA ART appreciation post

    Been doing a lot of photography lately and getting really into the art scene in the Bay Area, mainly SF and just started to touch parts of the east bay. Thought id show some appreciation to the art i've seen through my photography and if any other NTers could post some up!.
  4. bay area shoehead

    everything LAS VEGAS!!

    heading there for the second time 3 WEEKS from now..vdara deluxe suite booked,money save,..time to get PUMPED!!
  5. bay area shoehead

    **Ludacris-How Low X Zombie Nation-Kernkraft 400**

    another mash made...what yall think?
  6. bay area shoehead

    DRAKE-forever x LITTLE PEOPLE-moon

    back at it again...with another mashup..lemme know whatcha think NT!
  7. bay area shoehead

    Drake/Deadmau5 MASHUP

    sorry for the re-bump..just placing a post in the more appropriate thread in case people missed out.. on to the mix i made!..Deadmau5-Not Exactly/ Drake feat lykke li- Little Bit...enjoy and feedback is appreciated DL LINK:
  8. bay area shoehead

    DANCE/HOUSE/TRANCE heads help me!

    im getting tired of the playlist i have....can u guys give me some new tracks which are good??
  9. bay area shoehead

    Drake x Deadmau5

    check out this mix i made!
  10. bay area shoehead


    my vegas trip in a cluster of a post: adios mother f*****s hustle adios dance n no spillin Drais Slots Shots Margaritas Beer burn rubber-tooshort XS Patron Louder then boom-tiesto dancing on booths getting free bottle service girls actually dressed to IMPRESS bellagio buffet mexicans slappin...
  11. bay area shoehead

    Off the VEGAS next week...what are some must do's?

    first time in LV since turning 21! what are some must dos!
  12. bay area shoehead

    DEADMAU5...appreciation post!

  13. bay area shoehead


    does anyone know the name of this track in this crookers concert mix??
  14. bay area shoehead

    School me on TECHNO/HOUSE/DANCE music

    went to my first rave now looking for some of this!!
  15. bay area shoehead

    NBA 2k10 question???..where can i find alternate covers?

    where can i find alternate covers? this kobe one is hurting my eyes
  16. bay area shoehead

    KARMALOOP question???

    why does a "20% discount code" only give me 10% off?
  17. bay area shoehead

    Post your favorite Michael Jackson pics

    lookin for some sick pics i make make a collage of
  18. bay area shoehead

    Muhammad Ali GIF?

    i remember seeing a ali gif of him dodging punches? anyone have it?
  19. bay area shoehead

    P90x nutrition plan?

    where can i find this online?
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