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  1. d0njaye

    Calling Off from Work Vol. Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol

    So any other NTers call off from work today because of last night's July 4th festives?!?
  2. d0njaye

    PC - Jordan I (High, Strap)

    No pics because they are DS, but whats a fair value for a pair of the Jordan I High Straps that came out last December. Size 10.5 in Bred colorway. Original box included. help me out NT!
  3. d0njaye

    Hot Import Nights (3/8)

    It's weekend @ the San Mateo Convention Center anybody going?
  4. d0njaye

    evergreen valley college

    anybody go there? i see alot of ppl with jordans,dunks,etc. there has to be a couple NT members whose taking classes at evc!
  5. d0njaye

    beaches for bonfire

    anybody know any good ones? or which ones do you all go to for bonfires? like where maybe they wouldn't be so strict on bringing alcohol. haha when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
  6. d0njaye

    Car audio shops in Sacramento Area

    Anybody know any reputable or recomended shops in the 530/916 area? Please don't list any Circuit City's, Best Buys, or Frys, I know you all have better tastes then that =) when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
  7. d0njaye

    my "collection"..if you want to call it that haha

    i dont consider myself a collector, extra cash to spend on shoes aren't always there, so i'm proud of what i have. for the most part, i wear everything i have or play ball in them, after all that's what the shoes are made for right?!? haha my jordans other for bball and my...
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