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  1. da future nike rep

    Reebok Question Mid 2000 All-Star Game Yellow/Navy Exclusive.

    The Reebok Question Mid Yellow/Navy 2000 All-Star Games were released again a few weeks ago it is a pickyourshoes exclusive supposedly. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that are interested.
  2. da future nike rep

    Chaddocx Footwear Updated Pictures On Pg.6 New Sneaker Brand

    Good Evening Niketalk, I would like to take this time to show you all a few pictures of an up and coming brand name entitled "Chaddocx Footwear." I am working with a very close friend of mine who is the designer of this shoe style which will be entitled "First" The Chaddocx First shoe has an...
  3. da future nike rep

    Cam'ron & Vado on U.N. Stream Live Right Now!

    Here you go:
  4. da future nike rep

    Could i take a shoe back to a store that it wasnt purchased from or no?

    What up Niketalk, I was just wondering because i purchased a pair of shoes from Footlocker a few weeks ago however i have to take them back this week because i need for them tobe a half size larger. I ordered a Air Jordan DMP 1 set from Shoetrends in mens size 13 but i need a mens size 10 so i...
  5. da future nike rep

    I Need some photoshops done, pm me.

    I need a few photoshops done if someone has the time. Please pm me and i will contact you back shortly as i need these done asap. "My Top 5 Shoes Of All Time are The Air Jordan XI Mid, Reebok Question Mid, Nike Air Foamposite One, The Fila Grant Hill 3 Mid & The Nike Air Penny II Mid."
  6. da future nike rep

    I Need some items phtoshopped if anyone can help me out.

    Hello, I am doing a project and i need for some new era fitteds photoshopped the way that i want them to be. Please contact me if anyone can help, better yet just pm me and send me your email address. Thank you! "My Top 5 Shoes Of All Time are The Air Jordan XI Mid, Reebok Question Mid, Nike Air...
  7. da future nike rep

    DaFutureNikeReps Collection Pictures!

    Hello Niketalk, finally i have pictures up of my collection. I been saying that i was going to do this for like 4 or 5 years now. The wait is over yall, I hope that everyone enjoys what they see. I consider myself to be one of the best basic fila grant hill collectors of all times :lol . One...
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